Removing ink stains from fabrics

The process of cleaning fabrics from ink stains begins by placing a clean cloth under the ink stain; To prevent it from seeping through the different layers, then use a piece of cotton with a little glycerin on it; To gently rub the ink stains, a hair-fixing spray can be used when glycerin is not available, followed by adding some laundry detergent to a bowl, mixing it with a little water, then using it to rub and clean the spots with a piece of cotton, and rub the cloth with it until it forms a little soapy foam on it. Then put the cloth in the washing machine on the cold water cycle with the use of an enzyme-based washing powder. Attention must be paid to removing the stain completely before transferring it to the dryer; Because heat causes stains to set.[1]

remove ink stains from wallpaper

Clean the ink spots from the wallpaper with a soft eraser, and you should pay attention to cleaning them with small movements; To avoid tearing the paper, and when the stain remains, it can be moistened with a sponge or a damp cloth with cold water, taking care to organize the wiping process; To avoid staining the walls, wipe and dry the stained area with a dry cloth.[2]

Removing ink stains from leather pieces

Leather pieces such as a wallet, for example, are cleaned of ink stains by rubbing the stain with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, and the cleaning matter is easier if the leather piece is covered with a glossy layer, and commercial cleaning products can be used to remove ink stains, and the piece stained with ink spots can be sent to Places specialized in dry cleaning in case the previous methods did not work.[3]

remove ink stains from wood

use baking soda

This method is applied to remove ink stains from wooden pieces easily by starting to prepare a paste consisting of water and baking soda, then spread this paste on the ink stains and rub it gently using the fingers, avoiding rubbing it vigorously; To avoid wood damage due to the properties of soda that may cause abrasiveness of the wood, this is followed by wetting a soft cloth with water, and using it to remove the soda paste and clean the area, and in the event that a fog-like effect remains on the wood due to soda; It can be treated by rubbing the surface with a cotton swab moistened with a little alcohol.[4]

alcohol use

This method is applied by wetting a piece of cotton with an appropriate amount of alcohol, or replacing it with a hairspray, gently rubbing the ink spot and staying away from rubbing hard to avoid causing damage to the surface, and repeating the process when needed using a clean cotton swab, then cleaning the surface with a cloth Clean and damp.[4]

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How do I remove ink stains?

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