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When clothes are stained with ink stains, the steps to remove them are similar, but they differ in one thing, which is the method or recipe for removing them according to the type of ink that causes stains; Because the types of ink differ in the basis of manufacture, such as dry ink, liquid ink, and calligraphy pens ink.[1]

Steps to remove ink stains from clothes

There are some basic steps that you must follow to remove ink stains quickly and effectively, and they are:[1]

  • Quick action: The faster a person cleans the stain before it dries, the better.
  • Do not rub the stain: it is necessary not to rub the stain, but to press on it and the pat to remove it so that the stain does not spread on the clothes, and it is recommended to use a washable piece of microfiber cloth in this, and continue pressing the stain until it dries and stops smearing the cloth used to absorb the ink, and in case The stain was very large. It is recommended to use a water-based stain remover to break the stain from the fabric of the clothes and leave it for ten minutes, then wash the clothes according to the instructions on the product.
  • Washing: Upon completion of the previous steps, the clothes are placed in the washing machine, and it is preferable that the soiled piece be alone in the washing machine, and wash it at the same temperature approved to clean it normally, then make sure that the stain has disappeared before placing it in the dryer, otherwise the person should repeat the previous steps again.
  • Avoid heat: The piece of clothing stained with ink stains is completely removed from heat sources such as the clothes dryer, unless it is completely removed; Because the heat increases the stability of the stain on the clothes, which makes it difficult to remove, but even if the stain is exposed to heat, the use of a good quality stain removal product, and after several attempts, the stain will disappear with time.

Steps to get rid of dry ink from clothes

If the ink stain is dry or exposed to heat, it will be difficult to remove it from the clothes, but the following can be done to solve this problem:[2]

  • Put any kind of alcohol-based hand sanitizer over the stain, leave it for a few minutes until the sterile cloth is absorbed, then wash the clothes in the washing machine at the highest temperature of safe water on the clothes with laundry detergent and half a cup of chlorine, after making sure that chlorine is safe on the fabric by Dilute a teaspoon and a half of chlorine in a quarter cup of water and put a drop of it in a hidden place in the clothes, then wash the clothes and lay them out to dry in the open air.
  • Put an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in case the chlorine does not fit the piece of clothing over the stain and leave it for a few minutes, then put the stain removal product directly on the stain and leave it for five to ten minutes, then wash the clothes with laundry detergent and at the highest possible water temperature.

How to remove ink stains from clothes

There are many methods and recipes used to remove ink stains from clothes, which react differently depending on the method of cleaning used, and these methods include:[3]

clothes cleaner

Clothes detergent is ideal for eliminating water-based ink stains, and it is used after placing the stain on a clean piece of cloth or a towel, then adding water over it and pressing the spot with another piece of cloth to absorb the ink, then placing a small amount of detergent over the stain and leaving it from three Up to five minutes, after which the clothes are washed in hot water with a temperature suitable for the type of fabric, and it must be ensured that the stain has disappeared before entering the clothes in the clothes dryer and exposing it to heat.


Medical alcohol is one of the successful ways to remove ink stains, and it is used after making sure that it is suitable for clothes after testing it in a hidden area of ​​the clothes, by placing the stain on a white towel, then patting it with medical alcohol, and moving the bottom towel so that the cloth does not absorb the ink that it has absorbed. towel again, then soak the stain with laundry detergent for three to five minutes, then wash it with hot water.

milk and vinegar

You can use a solution consisting of two parts of whole milk and one part of vinegar, and put it in a large bowl, then soak the stain in it for a few hours, preferably overnight, then lift the clothes from the solution and hang them to dry, then wash them again in the normal way.[4]

Hand sanitizer

One of the easiest ways that employees can use in the event of an ink stain on their clothes is to apply hand sanitizer to the stain, rub the stain and then wash the clothes as soon as possible.[5]


Ink stains caused by felt-tip pens may require a longer time to remove, and the stain can be disposed of by placing it directly under cold running water to get rid of the largest possible amount of ink, then soaking it in hot water and a chlorine-free laundry detergent, in addition to an amount A little ammonia, rub the stain a little and then leave the clothes soaked from thirty minutes to an hour, or leave it overnight if the stain is stubborn, and more ammonia can be added to permanently get rid of the stain, then wash it as usual and leave the clothes to dry in the open air.[6]


Put a little glycerin on dry-cleaned clothes, using a cotton ball and rub it a little, then clean it with a little water, and clean it in dry cleaning stores.[7]

Correct ways to remove stains

Knowing the correct way to remove stains can help clean clothes more effectively. So it is advised to do the following:[8]

  • Use a stain remover that contains surfactants such as alkyl sulfate and sulfate for ink and other oil stains; These reactors work to break up the tissues of oily stains.
  • Do not use bleach on clothes that have labels that call for washing the clothes separately or with the same colours.
  • Use spot remover products that are readily available, such as a stain remover pen that can be put in a bag or pocket, and use it immediately when clothes are stained.
  • Do not use any kind of stain remover if the clothes are only dry-cleaned.

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