Marriage problems

We face many problems in our daily lives, and the most common problems that cause fear and anxiety daily may be the problems that arise between the husband and his wife.

There are some disputes that may arise between spouses, but their solution is related to how to be able to resolve this dispute so that it does not develop, and it may often reach divorce, and this requires you, O wife, to be able to deal with these problems, and requires you, O husband. The ability to understand these problems and deal with them smoothly and not to complicate matters in a way that makes solving them difficult and to lay the foundations and rules for building a happy married life, on more sophisticated and ethical foundations, and the relationship between husband and wife must be based on love and affection.


Marriage is the association of one of the two things with the other, and their connection to each other, after each one lived separately, and the marital relationship is based on love, affection, mutual respect and kindness, and not as some believe, according to their narrow view of the concept of marriage, that it is based on marriage only, this concept is wrong; Marriage is the regulation of offspring and the preservation of morals, chastity and manners, and is based on religious and moral educational foundations.

The purpose of marriage

Marriage has many goals, including:

  • Regulating birth, preserving private parts, lowering the gaze, and self-discipline. Marriage is a spiritual bond that brings together the spouses on the basis of affection, mercy and kindness.
  • Marriage is the basis for building a family. The family is the first cell in building society, and each member of this family must know that he has rights and duties as well that he must fulfill and abide by, and if the family is correct, the rest of society is reformed.
  • The other goal of marriage is to distribute the burdens between the spouses in order to achieve comfort and happiness between the spouses and build a happy family.
  • The Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “O young men, whoever among you is able to marry, let him marry, for it lowers his gaze and guards his private parts. and his sons.
  • Strengthening connections and acquaintances through intermarriage and the expansion of the circle of kinship. When you marry a girl who may be from a family other than your family, you will have another family and other acquaintances, so you must visit them from time to time, to build a good relationship between you and your wife’s family, and to strengthen family ties Well, between you and her family, and also visiting your relatives and introducing them to your wife and praising you and praising her in front of your family and her family, increases the love between you and her by a large percentage and makes between you affection, and family harmony, and this makes you more compatible and together.

Important tips for married couples

The wife does not always have to be the culprit. Often the husband is the culprit. We will learn about the most important advice to the spouses as follows:

  • The wife must keep the secrets of her husband and her home, as there are many problems that occur due to the frequent talk between the wife and other women about disclosing the personal secrets of her home and her husband, which often angers the husband.
  • The dialogue between spouses is kind, as there are many problems that many families suffer from, the basis of which are marital disputes through the inability to dialogue between spouses in a good and tactful manner. With all manners and tact in conversation.
  • Dedication to his service, and this is considered an important and legally required matter, and this matter most causes problems between spouses, but it is considered the closest way to the husband’s heart, especially when he is pleased with some beautiful words.
  • Do not make any of your family, family, girlfriends or friends a party to interfere in resolving any disputes that take place between you and your husband, except in very difficult cases. .
  • Do not criticize him for one of your shortcomings and describe him as inferiority. There are many women who complain about their husbands in many cases, such as poverty and other life matters that make differences between husband and wife burn like fire. The ability to bear it makes some differences between them.

How do you fit between you and your husband?

  • Find the reasons why your marital relationship is strained and less understanding.
  • Talk to your husband with clarity and credibility, so that you know from him how he sees your marital relationship.
  • It is preferable to choose a quiet place, preferably a place full of trees and flowers, so that your mind remains clear and less nervous and irritable.
  • Try to have basic connections between you and him, and find a way to satisfy your common desires.
  • You have to listen to his speech well before you answer the conversation, in order to answer the questions in a convincing way and in a better and more tactful way.
  • Review with him the best memories you spent together before marriage and at the beginning of the marriage.
  • Organize your time, perhaps the biggest problem is not having enough time to spend with your family for some reason.
  • Make at least one night saturated with romance and love, go out with him outside the house, such as enjoying a romantic dinner, or prepare him a romantic dinner and a warm bath and wait for him with love when he returns from work so that he feels great happiness and love, to break the boring daily routine, receive him with a nice smile.
  • Think carefully before making any decision about any of the problems you face in your married life, and if all attempts fail, you should slow down before making any decision that you may regret when making.
  • If you have never agreed and you both decide to separate, it is preferable that this decision be amicable, that is, that it be free of problems.

After we have finished this topic, we will conclude that married life is based on love, friendship, and mutual respect. A sound marriage is to have the morals of the Holy Prophet, who loved all his wives without distinguishing between one of them, and the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, dealt with all matters simply and with love, the complexity of matters is the most consequence that hinders happiness between spouses, and in conclusion, we wish you a life full of love. and respect.

How do I reconcile with my husband?

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