an introduction

Muslims perform many acts of worship in order to get closer to God Almighty and obtain His approval, and among these worships are Sunnah and some of them are obligatory and every Muslim must perform them. God Almighty made it the second of the pillars upon which Islam is based, and the pillar of Islam on which it rests, as stated in his saying, peace and blessings be upon him: “Islam is built on five: testifying that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, establishing prayer, and paying zakat.” Fasting Ramadan, and making pilgrimage to the House for those who are able to do it.” Therefore, it is an individual duty for every Muslim man and woman who is characterized by reason, maturity and guidance, as the Almighty said in his Noble Book, “The prayer of the believers is a fixed time book.”


Prayer was imposed in the third year of the Prophet’s mission in the incident of Al-Isra and Al-Miraj, that is, before his migration, peace and blessings be upon him, to Medina, so that God Almighty imposed on Muslims five prayers performed every day at different times, so that each prayer has a specific time that must be performed, and even A Muslim’s prayer is valid, but his prayer must meet the following conditions:

  • Purity.
  • Receiving the qiblah.
  • Intention.
  • Cover your nakedness.
  • Entering prayer time.
  • Stay away from everything that invalidates prayer.
  • A Muslim must know how to perform prayer.

How to reverence

We do not forget that reverence is one of the most important things that must be brought to mind in prayer, but what is reverence? How can a Muslim be humble in his prayers? This is what we will learn in the following. Reverence in prayer means that the Muslim submits and humiliates to God Almighty in his prayers, so that the Muslim stands before his Creator, the Exalted, the Majestic, submissive, submissive, and humiliated. The great feeling during their prayers, and they wonder how to be humble in prayer, so we will mention in the following some of the things that will help the Muslim to be humble in his prayer, and they are as follows:

  • The Muslim must venerate the importance of prayer and feel the greatness of his standing before his Creator, the Exalted.
  • Knowing God Almighty and evoking His greatness in the heart.
  • That the Muslim be fully prepared to perform the prayer and stay away from everything that preoccupies him with it.
  • That the Muslim understand prayer.
  • Getting rid of all the things that could distract the mind during prayer and distract the heart from reverence.
  • For the Muslim to say the Ihram takbeer with concentration, and to remember that the takbeer of Ihram means that he chose to meet his Lord with humility, abandoning all that is in this world of sins and desires.
  • Read the opening prayer contemplate and meditate on its meanings.
  • Reading the verses of the Noble Qur’an in prayer with contemplation and reflection on the great meanings they contain.
  • Submission to God Almighty in bowing and prostration.

There are also some things that would increase the humility of a Muslim in his prayers, which are:

  • When reading the tashahhud, it is necessary to evoke its great meanings and reflect on them.
  • The Muslim must choose a suitable place to perform the prayer.
  • A Muslim must not move and turn during prayer.
  • Perform prayer carefully with reassurance in it.
  • Seeking refuge from Satan.
  • Wear appropriate clothes to perform the prayer.
  • That the intention of the Muslim is sincere and sincere to God Almighty.

How do I pray in reverence?

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