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There is nothing more wonderful than planting the garden of the house with various types of plants that transmit comfort and tranquility in the same beholder, regardless of the reason that called the owner to plant them, the goal may be to beautify the view of the house, or provide natural foods that meet part of the daily need of family members from These foods, and determining the purpose of cultivation helps to determine what plants to be grown, the purposes needed for cultivation, and how to design the garden, and we will present here the steps to be followed when planting a home garden.

How do I plant my garden

Determine the type of plants to be grown

The plants are chosen in accordance with the prevailing weather in the region. In areas characterized by high temperatures, it is not possible to grow plants that need cool or moderate weather, as each plant needs certain natural conditions in order to grow.

Choosing the right place for planting

All plants need three basic conditions for their success and survival, regardless of the environmental conditions that require them. The area is well exposed to sunlight, so the farmer should take care not to plant in an area in the shade of trees.

garden design

After choosing the appropriate place for planting, the final shape to be the garden should be planned, but it must be taken into account to leave a sufficient distance between each plant and plant, so that each one gets its needs from the elements of soil, and water, and it is worth taking into account the dates of planting, to be harvested on time specified.

Preparing the tools needed for farming

Since we are talking about the home garden, the tools needed for cultivation are simple and can be easily provided, namely: seedlings, or seeds, compost, and tools used for plowing and turning the soil such as an axe, a shovel, and a hose for watering it.

soil preparation

The preparation of the soil shall be by plowing it according to what it is designed for, and the soil equation is alkaline and acidic so that the medium is suitable for the growth of plants. Their roots are intertwined with each other, and this results in the plants being unable to take their needs from the soil elements.

Soil irrigation and fertilization

Plants differ from each other in terms of the amount of water they need. Watering seeds is different from watering seedlings; The first stages of plant growth are sensitive to surrounding factors, which sometimes leads to the death of seeds if the water and fertilizer exceed their needs.

Caring for plants after planting

It is advisable to consult an agricultural engineer to get his advice on what to do if the owner of the garden does not have experience or an idea of ​​how to care for the plant, and it is necessary to remove the weeds that grow around the roots of the plants, as these weeds take their nutrition from the soil at the expense of the cultivated plants.

How do I plant my garden correctly

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