Time management tips

There are ways and tips that help in organizing time better, including:[1]

  • Make a daily plan: Creating a daily plan is important; To provide a good insight into what exactly needs to be done, this daily plan can be drawn up right before bed or in the early morning.
  • Determining the time for tasks: You must specify the time for each task that must be completed in certain hours, this is enough to make a person complete the tasks in their allotted times and achieve his daily goals.
  • Knowing the deadlines: It is important to set deadlines for tasks.
  • Postponing unimportant matters: Any matter that suddenly breaks into the plan must be postponed, and an appropriate date must be set for it.
  • Placing a clear clock in front of the person: Sometimes people are so busy that they lose focus with time, so it is necessary to have a large and clear clock to keep the person aware of the time.

Calendar use

The calendar can be used to organize time. When entering appointments in the calendar, it is necessary to think about the requirements of each task, such as making a note in case a person has to respond to an invitation to attend a party or register for an event, or buy a gift, or buy a ticket, or Reserving travel arrangements, as writing all these reminders in the calendar makes it easier for the person to organize his time, and not to forget important things.[2]

Take advantage of the time of physical activity

The energy of each person is different from the other. Some people are more energetic and energetic in the morning hours; and others so in the evening; Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of these hours when a person is active, and has a lot of energy to do various tasks in his life, as one of the most important factors for obtaining better results is arranging task times according to the person’s physical activity times, and transforming the most difficult things into the most energy and active times. It is necessary to take breaks when feeling tired and tired, and take some time to relax, and stress relief exercises can also be done.[3]

the reviewer

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How do I organize my time at home?

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