Use white vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid among its components, which plays a major role in dissolving the residue of detergents on clothes. Adding half a cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle of washing will give clothes bright and pure colors. Vinegar is also used to whiten white clothes by adding one cup. From white distilled vinegar to a large bowl of water, boil the mixture and then add white clothes in the bowl, leave until morning, then wash in the usual way, and it should be noted that this method is only applied to 100% cotton clothes.[1]

Exposing clothes to sunlight

One of the ways that is used to make white clothes bright is to replace the industrial drying that occurs in washing machines at high temperatures with natural drying using direct sunlight, where white clothes can be placed for a long time in a place that receives good sunlight, where white clothes will become bright, Free from traces of chemical bleaches.[2]

baking soda

Baking soda contributes to making white clothes bright, by mixing four liters of water with a cup of baking soda, then soaking white clothes in the mixture to get them clean, new and bright white.[2]

Washing white clothes alone

It is recommended to wash white clothes alone separately from other colored clothes to keep them bright white, as washing them with colored clothes makes the white fabric faded.[3]

Always wash white clothes

It is recommended to wash white clothes after each use, even if they look clean, as sweat and oils excreted by the body turn white clothes into yellow with the passage of time.[3]

Stay away from chlorine

It is not recommended to use chlorine as a direct bleach on white cotton clothes, as it will turn its color from white to yellow with repetition, and it can be replaced with safer bleaches for white clothes.[3]

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How do I make white laundry white?

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