Most users of (Wi-Fi) routers face problems connecting to the Internet, and this is due to several reasons, the most important of which are: poor Internet transmission in the region, or technical problems inside the router that make it necessary to reset its settings, or due to weather conditions that greatly affect the power of the router. Therefore, some router users resort to searching for solutions that help them speed up the transmission of the Internet in their devices, and get rid of the slow network that negatively affects their browsing of websites.

Tricks to make your router’s internet connection faster

Restart the router

It is preferable to restart the router from time to time as if you are updating it, to get rid of the problem of weak Internet, by pressing the restart button on the side of the device, or at the top of the device.

Change the network name or security system

This process greatly improves the performance of the router, so it should be done from time to time to avoid poor transmission problems.

Change channel number

You must check the channel number of the router and change it if it is not suitable for the Internet signal in the place where it is located, by accessing the router settings, then settings, then network information.

Putting a piece or aluminum case behind the router

Placing a piece of aluminum behind the router will make the strength of the Internet signal capture increase several times than before, so use an armored piece of aluminum and place it completely behind the router pickup, and enjoy fast Internet.

Press the button to reset the router to factory settings

Before resorting to changing the settings of the router, press with a pin on a small hole located at the bottom of the device (Reset), to reset the factory settings of the router and return it to its first state as if it was new, and this method also helps to overcome the problem of losing the password of the router.

Tips when using the router

  • Choosing the right place for the router inside the house, where it is placed in a high place, next to a window so that it can better pick up the Internet signal.
  • The use of repeaters that capture the signal from the router and redistribute it inside remote places in the house, especially if the house has a large area.
  • Keep the router away from the radio or TV, because this will affect the strength of the network, and weaken its access to receiving devices such as computers or smart phones.
  • Replace the router every once in a while, because modern devices capture the network more powerfully.
  • Do not change the router settings from the inside unless you realize their functions, because this will destroy the internal system of the router.
  • In the event that the router malfunctions or falls to the ground, take it to the company you bought it from to have it checked and serviced.

How do I make my router fast?

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