no hurry

Correctly making crucial decisions requires staying away from sources of stress and anxiety, and dealing with the decision rationally and consciously, so that the brain can collect information related to the topic objectively, and then give the subconscious mind time to think about the decision by going for a walk, for example, to clear the mind of everything Or meditate a little, or take a short nap so that the decision is logical and correct.[1]

Get away from stress

Stress and anxiety are two factors that disturb life and complicate it more, which badly affects mental, physical, and psychological health, without which life has no meaning. It facilitates the process of making the right decisions.[2]

Trusting intuition sometimes

Intuition is an important source of information that should not be neglected, it gives an impression, ideas, and insight into the subject with a sensory perception that some people do not understand sometimes and is used to make decisions, but often people confuse it with impulsiveness, which is a strong desire to do Something in order to meet the emotional needs that often lead the person to the path of regret.[3]

Focus on the present

It is preferable for a person to focus on the momentary decision when making decisions, without drowning in the consequences that may result from this decision too much, and how it will affect the future, because this would confuse his thoughts and keep him away from the goal, and take away his energy that drains him thinking about the distant future, and this does not It means that the future consequences of the decision should be neglected, but that they should be reasonable and controllable.[1]

no regrets

Intelligent people follow a great way to remove stress and tension, and conserve energy to make important decisions daily by developing the routine they follow. What they can do to make an appropriate decision, and begin to focus on the current decisions that determine the future.[1]

the reviewer

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How do I make a fateful decision?

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