parental love

The love that parents provide for their children is one of the most important things that give children a sense of comfort and stability, and is a way to avoid many problems, which may affect the correct way of the child’s growth, but many parents are ignorant of how to deal with their children, which creates a distance between them, Which affects the way they communicate, and alienates the children from them, so they do not want to communicate with them, so many resort to searching for ways to make their children love them, and this is what we will introduce you to in this article.

How do I make my son love me?

make time for it

Parents are supposed to allocate time for their children, whether in order to have lunch with them, or to do some exercise with them, such as swimming, walking, or playing football, because this strengthens the relationship with them, and makes them feel the parents’ interest and love, which is reflected positively on them.

Develop their self-confidence

Develop children’s self-confidence, encourage them, appreciate their efforts and the results of their actions, celebrate their accomplishments, be proud of every good deed they do, and not exceed it as if it is a normal thing, because the child considers it an important event in his life, and it can remain in his memory until he grows up.

Teach them to think positive

Parents are supposed to teach their children positive thinking, and avoid scolding and criticizing them in a stinging way, and asking them how they spend their day if they are in school, nursery, or kindergarten, in addition to the need to inform them of their positivity, and that they have learned something new.

Sharing memories

Parents should take out a photo album, tell stories to their children about all the periods that they do not remember when they were young, and tell them that they are a beautiful thing in their parents’ lives, and that they love them, in addition to the need to integrate with them while they play, share lunch, exchange conversations with them, listen to them, and give them attention. Focus on them and avoid neglecting to look at them.

Leave the choice to them

Children should be left with room to choose all the things they prefer, such as choosing clothes, favorite toys, or how to spend their time, because this proves that parents respect their children’s decisions.

Interfering with them in their daily lives

Parents are supposed to get acquainted with the children’s daily schedule, especially with regard to school, to ask them in particular about everything they did, and not be satisfied with the general question, which makes them feel the parents’ interest, in addition to the need to hug and kiss them every day, while not forgetting to smile in their faces, because that means them a lot.

Expressing parents’ love for them

Parents are supposed to write to their children a paper in which they express their love, encourage them, and place it next to them while they are sleeping or in their bags, to make them feel that they are thinking of them even when they are not present, in addition to the need to act with them in a manner appropriate to their age and level of thinking.

Overcome the child’s mistakes

Parents are supposed to teach their children the right thing, start a new day with them, forget their past mistakes, and give them a new opportunity to atone for their mistake and try to fix it.

How do I love my son