the nightingale

The nightingale and its plural is Bulbul, and it is called “Nazz” and its scientific name is (Pycnonotidae), and it is a bird that follows the passerine family, characterized by its small and wonderful size and beautiful white cheeks.

It is also distinguished by its intelligence, wit, and good cohabitation, in addition to its easy upbringing and loyalty to its owner, and there are many species of it scattered around the world, estimated at about (130) species spread in the regions of Africa, Asia, Japan, Indonesia, and tropical islands.

Nest building and reproduction

The nightingale builds its nest on the highest trees, especially palms, and uses palm and tree materials in its construction, such as: tree sticks and palm leaf. 10-30) seconds, and fluffs its feathers and lowers its body forward towards the ground and opens its beak, making a slight sound.

After the mating process, the female lays between 2-3 eggs each time, and her eggs are mottled and speckled in black and violet. From the nest alone.

How to differentiate between male and female bulbul

The male is distinguished by the strength of tweeting and his voice is louder than the female voice, and is also distinguished by a body larger than the female’s body, in addition to the fact that the male has a longer tail than the female’s tail. As for the white-cheeked nightingale, the male is in dark yellow and the female is in light yellow, and the male’s tail unlike the female has its feathers (Possed out), the female’s legs are more angular than the male’s.

Characteristics of the white-cheeked bulbul

  • His body is gray and his back is black.
  • His head is black, his beak is black, and he has black mustaches.
  • Its feathers above its head are triangular.
  • His cheeks are white, his tail is black, and at the end of it is white.
  • His legs are dark gray.
  • It is about 18 centimeters long, from the beak to the end of the tail.

bulbul food

  • They feed on fruits and vegetables of all kinds because they contain beneficial minerals and vitamins such as: orange slices, apple slices, pears, grapes, and papayas.
  • It is preferable to eat dates of all kinds.
  • They eat insects while raising the young in order to get protein.

Standards for building a bulbul cage

To raise the bulbul, it is preferable that the cage be built on the surface so that the bird can rest, and the beginning of raising it is by bringing only two pairs. The sun is allowed to enter, and a small amount of palm fiber materials and fruits such as coconut shells are placed on the floor of the cage, so that the bulbul can build the nest, taking into account the placement of containers for water and food.

How do I know the male bulbul

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