How do I know if I am pregnant with my period?, With other signs of the menstrual cycle, such as uterine cramps and breast pain, many women who want to get pregnant make a mistake in distinguishing between pregnancy symptoms that are very similar to the symptoms of menstruation, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Through the following lines, the reasons for the descent of menstruation during pregnancy will be explained.

How do I know if I am pregnant with my period?

Women who plan to become pregnant look for early signs of pregnancy, and many women think that the pain they feel is menstrual pain, but she discovers after a while that the symptoms she experienced are nothing but pregnancy symptoms and that she was pregnant with a deer pregnancy. Menstruation makes the woman absolutely sure that she is not pregnant. Although all the signs indicate the date of menstruation, there are cases of pregnancy that are accompanied by the descent of some light blood at the time of the period, in addition to the appearance of other psychological and physical symptoms of the period, The best way for a woman to be sure of her pregnancy is to take a pregnancy blood test, which is an accurate test that can be done during an early period of pregnancy and gives a 100% correct result. During this period, it is preferable not to use a home pregnancy test to detect pregnancy because it may give false negative results. In the early stages of pregnancy, because it needs very high amounts of the pregnancy hormone to show a positive result.[1][2]

What is a deer lamb?

Deer pregnancy is a pregnancy that is accompanied by light amounts of blood at the time of the menstrual cycle, i.e. about a week to 12 days after the fertilization of the egg by male gametes within the ovulation ducts, where the fertilized egg then moves through the fallopian tube heading to the uterus to be implanted in its lining And then pregnancy begins, and then the placenta cells begin to form and the growth of the egg increases, and during the process of immersion of the egg in the wall of the uterus, light blood may fall and the woman suffers from cramps in the lower abdomen area, and this happens around the time of her period or a few days before, which makes the woman think that This bleeding is the start of your period.[1]

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What are the symptoms of deer pregnancy?

A deer pregnancy is a normal pregnancy, but it is characterized by additional signs of pregnancy, including:[1]

  • Pregnancy stabilization bloodIt is light bleeding that lasts two or three days before the period is due, i.e. approximately on the 22nd to 26th day of the start of the last menstruation.
  • Other symptoms: Such as cramps and cramps in the pelvic area and lower abdomen, feeling tired and nausea.

How to distinguish between deer pregnancy blood and menstrual blood

The symptoms of the menstrual cycle are very similar to the symptoms of early pregnancy, especially in terms of the timing of the occurrence of vaginal bleeding, and through the following, the most important differences between the blood of stabilization of pregnancy and the blood of the menstrual cycle will be mentioned:[2]

  • the colorThe color of pregnancy blood is brown or pink and remains that way until it stops. As for the blood of the period, it is brown or pink at the beginning and then becomes redder after a short period.
  • heavy bloodWhere the blood of pregnancy is in the form of spots of light density, intermittent and spaced, while the blood of the period is light and then begins to increase gradually and becomes continuous and very abundant.
  • Associated pain: The blood of the termination of pregnancy is accompanied by mild abdominal cramps that go away after a short period. As for the blood of the menstrual cycle, it is accompanied by severe pain and strong contractions of the uterus, and it lasts for two or three days.
  • Presence of blood clotsThese masses are tissues of the endometrium, and they inevitably indicate that the bleeding is caused by the menstrual cycle, because pregnancy bleeding is not accompanied by the presence of blood clots.
  • bleeding timeDuring the menstrual cycle, bleeding lasts for four to seven days, while implantation bleeding is for a maximum of one to three days.

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Other pregnancy symptoms

The pregnant woman suffers from a set of symptoms during the first stage of pregnancy, specifically during the first trimester, as a result of the rise in the pregnancy hormone, and the obvious hormonal changes during that period, and the most important of these symptoms are:[2]

  • Clear psychological and mood changes, depression and sadness for no reason.
  • Vomiting and nausea, especially in the morning.
  • Breast enlargement and pain when touched.
  • headache.
  • feeling exhausted
  • Pain in the body concentrated in the lower back.
  • Changes in vaginal secretions.

Other causes of bleeding during pregnancy

Studies show that about a quarter of women experience vaginal bleeding after confirming pregnancy, and this bleeding may be due to a variety of reasons, including:[2]

Cause of light bleeding

Is that the cervical area of ​​a pregnant woman is more sensitive due to hormones and increased blood flow in that area, so a woman may experience light bleeding after sex or some gynecological examinations.

Cause of heavy bleeding

When the blood resulting from pregnancy is bright red and abundant, it may indicate the presence of a serious problem that may threaten pregnancy, and these reasons include:

  • placental abruptionWhen the placenta moves away from the place where the embryo implanted.
  • ectopic pregnancyIt is a serious but rare condition that affects about 1 to 2 percent of women.
  • false pregnancy: Occurs when the fertilized egg is deformed and turns into a mass of tissue and implants in the lining of the uterus, but does not turn into an embryo.
  • miscarriage: It occurs most frequently during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Complications of deer pregnancy bleeding

Bleeding accompanying pregnancy may not cause any complications for the pregnant woman and does not affect the health and development of the fetus, especially when it is before the menstrual period, and when there is bleeding after confirming pregnancy, it may be due to tiring physical activities or due to the arrival of certain bacteria to the vagina that cause infection for women, but In general, about half of pregnant women can experience bleeding during the first pregnancy and this does not cause them any problems in the subsequent pregnancy.[3]

Reasons for bleeding without pregnancy

There are a number of reasons that cause women to bleed outside the menstrual cycle, including:[4]

  • ovulationWhen ovulation occurs, a small cyst in the ovary ruptures, releasing the egg, causing the appearance of very light spots that do not last for more than a day, in addition to a feeling of tingling in the lower abdomen on one side and mild cramps.
  • Uterine fibroids or uterine polypsIt is an abnormal growth of uterine cells, and it may be associated with difficulties in pregnancy, severe abdominal pain, and fluctuations in the menstrual cycle.
  • Hormonal contraceptivesIn this case, the bleeding continues for a while until the body is able to adapt to these hormones.
  • BreastfeedingBecause the hormones of high milk production can affect the hormones of the menstrual cycle and prevent pregnancy, causing bleeding in addition to the hormonal changes that occur for women after childbirth in order to restore the regularity of the natural fertility hormones.
  • sexually transmitted diseases: which may cause vaginal bleeding, the most important of which is gonorrhea, which may cause women to discharge secretions from the vagina and pain during urine, in addition to pelvic inflammatory disease, which may cause symptoms for women such as vaginal bleeding after intercourse and pelvic pain, and one of its most important complications is infertility in women. .
  • cancerCancer of the female reproductive system causes blood spots to appear outside the menstrual cycle, and cancer may be accompanied by distant pains and spotting, or persistent pain, such as ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, or vaginal cancer.
  • menopauseSome women suffer from intermittent vaginal bleeding with the approach of menopause due to severe hormonal changes, in addition to vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse.

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In the end, it was found How do I know if I am pregnant with my period? It has been found that the bleeding before the date of menstruation can be due to nesting or implantation bleeding, a condition called deer pregnancy. The most important causes of other vaginal bleeding during pregnancy have been identified, and what are the most important complications that can result from vaginal bleeding. .

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