Some women may suffer from obesity, so that they spend most of their lives trying to lose weight or stay within the normal range, and others suffer from obesity, but they do not know that, meaning that the woman is above the normal weight range, but she sees herself as skinny, and this is a problem in itself that must be humiliated to On how to detect obesity to work on getting rid of it.

How does a person know if they are fat?

There are different ways to detect obesity, including the following:

How to calculate height with weight

This method is by calculating the height with weight and knowing whether the weight is within the normal range, or by knowing the signs of obesity, and the ideal weight is measured by calculating the height in centimeters, for example, if the height is 165 centimeters, it is divided by 100 and the result is 1.6, and then Multiplying the result by itself and the result is 2.65, and after calculating the height, the weight is calculated by dividing the weight by the result of calculating the height, for example 60 divided by 2.65 = 22.6, and this result is the body mass that is used to find out the ideal weight for the person according to the following table:

  • If the body mass is less than 20, it means that the person is underweight.
  • If the body mass is between 20 and 25, it means that it is within the normal range.
  • If the BMI is between 25 and 30, this means that the person is obese.
  • If the BMI is more than 30, this is a sign that the person is obese and needs attention.
  • If the body mass is more than 40, it means that the person is obese.

How to notice signs of obesity

The next way to detect obesity is by observing its signs, which are:

  • Not feeling comfortable when exercising: Exercising is one of the main steps for a healthy life, but if a person’s weight hinders him from exercising, it means that he suffers from obesity.
  • Snoring: If other people complain about the person snoring during his sleep, it means that he suffers from obesity and must work to remove some of the kilograms to get rid of this problem. Excess weight leads to shortness of breath during sleep and sudden awakening as a result.
  • Fatigue: If a person suffers from fatigue all the time, even when doing the least effort, this may indicate that he suffers from a problem of obesity.
  • Constant hunger: If a person feels hungry even after eating, this may be a strong sign of weight gain than the normal rate.

Note: If the previous points apply to the person, he should immediately start exercising and follow a healthy, balanced diet to lose weight and reach the normal rate.

How do I know I’m fat

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