fetal weight gain

The weight of the fetus is an important indicator of its general health, and the amount of nutrition it was getting from its mother, so it is the mother’s duty to take care of her health and nutrition, and to review the doctor periodically, to check on the health of the fetus, and monitor the amount of increase or decrease in its weight, where the doctor can detect Accurately and easily measure the weight of the fetus in its mother’s womb, and compare the weight in relation to its age, through the sonar device.

Ways to increase the weight of the fetus in the mother’s womb

The most important step to increase the weight of the fetus, focus on the diet and pay attention to it in terms of quantity and type, while making sure that the pregnant woman eats four or five meals a day, with the need to avoid some food items that cause harm to the pregnant body, which are fried foods, which must be replaced with grilled foods Also, preserved and processed foods should be avoided, highly salty foods such as pickles, in addition to fast food, processed juices, foods rich in cholesterol, high-fat foods, soft drinks, and drinks rich in caffeine. It is also preferable to reduce sugars and starches such as pasta. It must be focused on to increase the weight of the fetus. The mother must commit to eating an additional three hundred calories per day, by eating the following items:

  • Fresh fruits, especially mangoes, bananas, and apples, as well as fresh vegetables, such as leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce, because they contain a high percentage of iron and folic acid.
  • Whole milk and its derivatives, such as yogurt, labneh, janna, yoghurt and cream.
  • Whole grains such as wheat, oats and corn.
  • Red meat, chicken meat, and fish meat, especially fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel, because of their high protein content, as protein is one of the things that increase the weight of the fetus.
  • Eggs, provided they are prepared with olive oil, or a healthy, cholesterol-free oil.
  • Nuts of all kinds such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, and cashews, which provide the pregnant body with monounsaturated fats and omega-3 acids, which are very necessary for the growth of the fetus.
  • Natural juices, because they provide the pregnant body with the calories needed to increase the weight of the fetus.

Tips for pregnant women to increase the weight of the fetus

  • Take nutritional supplements that support the health of the pregnant mother and fetus, such as vitamin pills, especially folic acid.
  • Regular exercise, in proportion to the period of pregnancy, as exercise helps the fetus grow properly, and increase its weight naturally, and among the best sports, swimming, walking, and yoga “meditation”.
  • Eternity to rest and relaxation, and take a sufficient rest and sleep, that is, up to eight hours a day, especially at night hours, and during the day nap, as rest helps to provide the energy of the pregnant body, and increase its activity.
  • Avoid stress, psychological anxiety and extreme emotional fluctuations, because they consume the body’s energy greatly.

How do I increase the weight of the fetus in my stomach?

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