Home recipes to intensify hair

Almond oil and coconut oil

Natural oils can be used to intensify hair, especially almond oil and coconut oil, where almond oil repairs damaged hair, enhances its strength and health, by nourishing it, and contributes to increasing its luster, and coconut oil can be used that treats damaged hair problems, and limits Its dryness, being rich in many important mineral elements, such as calcium, iron, as well as potassium, which makes it a basis for stimulating hair growth again, by applying some drops of these oils directly on the scalp and massaging it well, and leaving it for a period of no less than Twenty to sixty minutes, with the process repeated several times a week, to obtain the best possible results.[1]

Rosemary and Lavender mix

The combination of rosemary and lavender is considered one of the best hair intensification methods and treatments used to treat many hair problems, such as thinning hair and dandruff. It is also suitable for all types of hair, as it enhances the strength of its follicles and roots, and increases its ability to grow. It can be used alone by adding its drops to the shampoo used for washing hair.[1]

Note: It is necessary to avoid applying some recipes by people who are allergic to some compounds, and it is worth noting that medical intervention must be resorted to in the event of a large and sudden loss of hair, in order to diagnose the factors behind this and work to treat them.[2]

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

To get healthy and thick hair, you should focus on eating foods rich in fatty acids such as omega-3, vitamins and others, and therefore you should be careful to eat foods rich in these elements, including seaweed, which has proven effective in combating hair loss, and it is worth noting that in order to intensify hair Appropriate amounts of biotin, or vitamin B complex, must be obtained, as it is considered one of the important vitamins that plays a key role in carrying out many vital functions and processes in the human body, knowing that the deficiency of this vitamin results in many hair problems, including: It is dehydration and falling, so it must be taken in the form of a food supplement to compensate for this deficiency, as it is a water-soluble vitamins.[3]

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