Speech is the language of communication between people, and speech indicates the speaker’s taste. Choosing and selecting words is the art of a person of high taste who tries to convey the meaning or what he wants to say in the most pleasant terms without offending anyone, and without exaggeration or lying.

We see a lot of people talking a lot without any benefit, and this is called idle talk, and anyone who has a sense can convey the meaning of this speech in two sentences and without dwelling on it in vain. A person who talks a lot usually alienates people from him, and there are people who argue in a way to insult the other stemming from lack of Respect for opinions, and many people choose to speak at the wrong time and have unrelated conversations in the assembly, so we see that speech is an attribute of the speaker, there are gentle and there are rough and there are thick and sharp and all of these qualities appear from the way of speaking.

How do I improve the way I speak?

  • Stay away from market talk, which, if it indicates something, indicates bad morals and upbringing, and choose flowery words that indicate your good upbringing and upbringing.
  • Read a lot, as reading gives a person a sense of taste and art, and makes you speak loosely and in an educated manner that indicates your knowledge and your passion.
  • There are many courses on how to talk, persuade, or how to be nice to others.
  • Calm yourself down and do not be impulsive when talking or discussing, you will not convince others with your loud voice, you must speak calmly and wisely, as this is the first to communicate what you think to those sitting in front of you.
  • Always practice patience, because speaking quickly will not help, and you will tire your tongue in vain. You must be between speed and slow when speaking so that others can understand you.
  • If you are exposed to situations in which there is insult and cursing, then be of good character, and do not respond to error with error.
  • Stay away from insulting the divine, and never use these methods, no matter how angry or excited you feel, because that will make God angry with you, and nothing deserves to be angry with God for it.
  • Say good or shut up. If you have something important to say, speak up. If you feel that what you want to say is ridiculous or draws attention in a negative way, shut up.
  • Teach your children the ways of speaking and choosing their words, and make them imitate you and the masterpieces of your words that, if they came out of your mouth, smiled faces and relieved the soul of those words.
  • Do not say what you will not do, do not resort to lies to praise yourself, do not defame others in order to open topics, and stay away from gossip.
  • Each position has an article, i.e. choose your words according to the position you are sitting in, and choose your conversations that relate to the topics you are discussing.

How do I speak better?

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