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It is an application that depends mainly on the Internet, and it is one of the social media, which is used by a large number of people, and is very famous, and it is used on modern smartphones, and through which text and voice messages are sent, free calls are made, and media and videos are sent. It was accepted by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009, and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

This application competes with many other applications such as lina and many others, and billions of messages are sent during one day through this application, and it can be downloaded on iPhone, Android and Symbian Windows Phone devices, and it is completely linked to the phone, so that it cannot be used without a network in the phone. Its service is completely free.

How to make an account on WhatsApp

  • We download the WhatsApp application on smart phones, and when it is downloaded, we will have to specify the country to which we belong, and our phone number, and then we will press the register button, and a message will automatically and immediately arrive on the mobile phone whose number you entered, and so you will have completed the process of being You have an account on WhatsApp, and then you set your name, a personal photo, and a saying you like to appear on your account, and this step is optional.

Hide Appearance in WhatsApp for iPhone

We launch the WhatsApp application, and we enter the settings, we will automatically see a page, in which is written the phrase “last seen time”, next to it, there is a check mark next to it, we click on it and deactivate it, so that no one can see my appearance hours.

Hide Appearance in WhatsApp for Android Devices

We download the latest WhatsApp application, which is in blue, and then we move to privacy, and we will enter a page automatically, and there will be a sentence written on it last seen on WhatsApp, and here we stop activating the last appearance on WhatsApp.

Reasons to hide last seen on WhatsApp

  • For a space of privacy.
  • To avoid certain people knowing my viewing hours, so that they don’t bother me with their messages and calls.
  • To take comfort while talking with a specific person, without being disturbed by other people.

Note: For those who own Nokia devices from the second generation to the fifth, the service to hide the last seen is not available yet, and also in the event that you do not want anyone who does not have his number to see your personal photo, you can deactivate this feature immediately, by entering the settings and privacy.

How do I hide my WhatsApp status?

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