Melasma is brown or grayish-brown spots that appear on the face often in the area of ​​the cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose, and sometimes appear in different areas of the body, and melasma usually affects women more than men, due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy on the face Especially, exposure to the sun can also lead to the appearance of melasma. The dermatologist can treat melasma, which is a skin condition, and during the treatment period, the woman may want to hide the melasma, so in this article we will mention some ways to hide melasma with makeup.[1]

How to hide melasma with makeup

First method

This method depends on using the appropriate colors for the skin tone, applying the concealer, and mixing the foundation cream; To get a smooth, smooth and even skin appearance, the method is:[1]

  • the required materials:
  • The method of work:
  • Moisturizer suitable for skin type.
  • Tinted or non-colored primer.
  • concealer;
  • Base cream.
  • Powder or mist to set makeup according to skin type.
  • Clean the face first, then apply the moisturizer with a tampon so that it is completely absorbed by the skin; Oily skin needs hydration to prevent the skin from absorbing makeup moisture.
  • The primer is applied and distributed on the skin with fingers or using a makeup sponge.
  • The concealer is placed on the affected areas using fingers or a brush, and gently patted, to distribute and blend it with the natural skin color, so that the skin appears in a uniform color.
  • Put some points of the foundation cream on the face and mix using the fingers, the brush, or the makeup sponge with a pat down and the rotation of the fingers or the brush, taking care to cover the entire face so that the concealer does not appear under the foundation cream.
  • Make-up is fixed with powder using the brush to distribute it evenly over the face for oily skin, or mist by spraying it on the face and repeating it during the day for dry skin.

Note: People who have oily or combination skin are advised to use a water-based or gel-based moisturizer, while those with dry skin can use an oil-based moisturizer.

The second method

This method relies on camouflaging and concealing freckles to obtain a flawless base and cover brown spots. Here are its steps:[1]

  • the required materials:
  • The method of work:
  • Sunscreen (to protect the skin from damage, and protect melasma skin from worsening sun exposure).
  • Primer suitable for skin type.
  • A full coverage foundation, or a light to medium coverage foundation that can be combined with Spot Concealing.
  • Brightening Concealer.
  • Setting powder suitable for skin type (optional).
  • Powder or cream blush
  • Clean the face by washing it, then apply the usual moisturizer or lotion, followed by applying a primer.
  • The foundation is applied using fingers, a liquid foundation brush or a beauty sponge, and a small amount of the foundation is used on the melasma.
  • Apply concealer under the eyes and on pigmented areas and blend using a brush or sponge.
  • Setting powder for oily skin or for combination skin is placed on the nose and forehead area. Usually, a foundation with high coverage does not require the use of setting powder.
  • apply a little blush; To add color to the face.

Choosing the right makeup

Choosing the right makeup is an important step in concealing melasma, and we mention some examples of makeup used for this purpose:[2]

  • Concealer color: It is available in the form of a palette in several colors, and each color is also available individually, and the color opposite to the desired skin color is used to cover it, for example, green concealer is used to hide skin redness, and apricot and orange are used to hide dark spots, while violet is used For pale skin, salmon – a color that ranges from pale orange to light pink – for under-eye circles, choose a concealer one or two shades darker than the skin tone to cover dark spots, and a concealer one shade lighter than the skin tone to cover under-eye circles.
  • Foundation cream: One of the most important things to consider when choosing a foundation cream is that it matches the skin color, and that it blends with the skin so that it does not appear visible.
  • Colored primer: The colored primer can be used to correct the color of large areas of the face so that the appearance of the face appears more natural, in addition to its functions in fixing makeup and preventing it from clumping or oxidizing.
  • Color corrector: The correct color corrector must be chosen for the skin tone to cover the melasma, and there are many options that can be chosen from, including:[3]
  • Pink corrector for fair skin.
  • Apricot color corrector for medium skin.
  • Orange corrector for dark skin.

melasma treatment

Some cases of melasma can go away on their own, especially if melasma appears as a result of pregnancy or birth control pills, and it is worth noting that the available melasma treatments do not guarantee the removal of melasma completely, and they do not guarantee that it will not appear again, but some treatments can be adhered to. To reduce the chances of melasma recurring, such as sticking to sunscreen, and reducing exposure to the sun. Some of the ways to treat melasma are as follows:[4]

  • Topical creams or steroids: Which is prescribed by a health care professional, which helps lighten the skin.
  • Undergoing some skin treatments: These are treatments that remove the upper layer of the skin to lighten dark spots, and these treatments include chemical peels or dermabrasion, and others.

Ways to live with melasma

In the event that melasma treatments are not successful, there are some ways that can reduce the appearance of melasma, and avoid further worsening of the condition, including:[4][1]

  • Use make-up to hide melasma.
  • Take medication with a prescription.
  • Apply sunscreen daily, avoid exposure to the sun without protection, and wear clothing to protect the skin from sunlight when exposed to it for a long time, such as wide-brimmed hats.
  • Avoid products that cause hormonal imbalances, such as products that contain parabens and siloxanes.
  • Avoid irritating the skin, such as waxing.
  • Avoid birth control pills.

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