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The father and mother can use several methods to teach the child, including putting a set of questions using the textbook by one of them, as these questions encourage the search for answers about the material to be memorized, and help to increase the strength and speed of the child’s memorization, and the same questions can be used when reviewing the material in Each time, the child’s answers are then checked and compared with the correct answers to modify them. It is preferable that this method becomes a habit for the child to make different predictions and questions about the lesson before listening to the teacher’s explanation.[1]


Repetition is one of the most important ways to help the child memorize, as the more the child hears something, the more likely he is to remember that thing. Books intended for the child usually contain stories and topics that carry elements of repetition, and parents can repeat some of them in front of the child, and these are considered The method is one of the easy and wonderful ways to teach the skill of memorizing lessons easily to the child even at a very early age.[2]

Steps to enhance memorization skills

Some steps can be used with children to enhance their memorization skills, including the following:[3]

  • Providing important and meaningful information to students.
  • use of visuals; Because relying on the visual aspects of education helps most students study and memorize.
  • Repetition of recording information and then reading it to make it easier to memorize.
  • Focus on one point at a time, or on one task during the lesson to avoid student distraction.
  • Summarizing, which helps the student to remember the information.
  • Have the students present the material to others, as the process of organizing the information and presenting it to someone else helps to remember it.
  • Use tricks to remember, such as: songs, mnemonics, and rhymes, they help a lot to recall information.

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