baking soda

Henna dye can be removed from the skin using baking soda, as it works to break up the active ingredients in the dye, by mixing a little baking soda with water and then massaging the henna-dyed area with it, and lemon juice can be added to the mixture to obtain an effective mixture.[1]


Henna dye can be removed from the skin using olive oil, baby oil, or any moisturizer that contains oil among its components, by dipping a cotton pad in the oil, then massaging the area dyed with henna in it for a few minutes, then washing it using warm water.[1]

Non-oxidizing dye

A non-oxidizing dye can be used to get rid of henna hair, which does not contain peroxide, as it turns henna hair blue.[2]

hair grow

One of the ways to get rid of henna is to wait for the hair to grow again, although this method takes a long time, and the hair can be done with several different hairstyles to spend this period.[2]

hair cut

One of the ways to get rid of henna is to cut the hair, where it is possible to cut part of the hair dyed with henna or it can be cut completely.[2]

What is henna?

The henna plant belongs to the green perennial trees, which is characterized by a color between red and brown, and the height of the henna tree is more than 3 meters, and is characterized by long branches and heavy leaves that take a spear or oval shape, between 2-4 cm long, and its flowers are small in size and are colored in calm red or white that It tends to yellow, and its fruits are capsule or spherical, characterized by their light brown color, and contain within them seeds that take a triangular shape, small in size, and have a color that is very similar to the color black.[3]

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How do I get rid of henna color?

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