The girl wants her relationship to be within a formal and serious framework with the young man she loves, where she can hint about her desire for an official connection with him by talking about marriage in general, or talking about people who have recently married, while observing his reaction to the matter, in addition to that she can Insinuate the matter by talking about their future together, and if the young man does not respond, she can make her statements more direct so that he understands what she is aiming at, and in other cases, the young man is waiting for the right time to take the step of asking his girlfriend for marriage, and the girl in this case should Create a suitable circumstance for him to take this step without realizing that it means the matter, such as: planning to go on a trip together.[1]

Do not exaggerate in pleasing the young man

The partner’s participation in the things he loves, taking care of him and making him happy is important, but the relationship sometimes requires the girl to stay away from him, stop participating in his own matters, or strive to please him always; This is so that he feels the importance of her actions, and it is important that everything a girl does stems from love and not from pressure on the man to relate to her. When she stops caring for her partner as usual, these actions will have a positive impact on the relationship; Where he will strive to make his partner satisfied with him and close to him always.[2]

Appearing as an ideal partner

When a man is ready to settle down and marry, this means that he is ready to share his life with another person. The girl should strive to make him see that life will be better with her presence with him and that it is the ideal option for marriage, and making him feel as if he will return to live with his mother again, and there is someone who loves him and will take care of everything related to his life with the same the attention given by his mother,[3] So there is nothing wrong with taking care of him and making him depend on the partner with certain things, whether they are simple things, such as: washing clothes, or just being near him and supporting him when he needs it, so that her presence next to him becomes important and he feels as if he cannot live without her, and he will want to ask for marriage and make her near him as soon as possible.[4]

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