Talk to the child

Talking to a child about the causes of his nervousness and anxiety is the first and most important step in dealing with him and helping him to overcome what he is going through. The effects of nervousness and anxiety on the human body if the child is of an age that allows him to understand this, in addition to that, it is important to provide assistance to the child in finding solutions to his anxiety and nervousness without removing him from the cause of these feelings, so that the child does not feel unable to overcome the matter, but rather We need to think together about how to move forward.[1]

Keep calm

The way in which parents express their anxiety or nervousness in front of the child is of great importance in teaching the child how to act in stressful situations, given that the child derives from the parents’ reactions how to respond when something difficult happens, which indicates the need for parents to maintain their calm and composure in front of The child, and it helps to take a deep breath to relax, speak in a low tone of speech, and pay attention to showing calm and not anxious facial expressions.[2]

Focus on the positives

Parents can help their child overcome nervousness and stress by focusing on his positive qualities, and reminding him of the good aspects of the situation he is in, as this will effectively contribute to making him focus on these positives every time he lives in a situation. stress rather than thinking negative thoughts, or letting negative self-criticism take over.ref name=”tHEJ3p2KqJ”/>

Yoga and breathing exercises

The practice of yoga and other breathing exercises is one of the calming strategies that can be practiced with the child from a young age, with the possibility of choosing enjoyable positions that encourage their practice. The diaphragm and filling the lungs more, which affects the sympathetic nervous system and activates its response to rest, and thus the heart rate will be affected and become less, and blood pressure will decrease as well, and the result of all this is to achieve calm for the child.[3]

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How do I deal with a nervous child?

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