Internet sites

Websites serve people around the world to a great extent; After communication between people was difficult and sometimes impossible, the Internet has transformed the world into a small village whose residents communicate with great ease and speed. Internet sites vary greatly, some of them are dedicated to displaying information only, and some of them allow communication between people, such as social networking sites, and among the most popular and used websites are: the search engine Google, Yahoo, and social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and others.


Twitter is one of the most used internet sites; Its services are unique and distinctive and prompt many to use it, and the main idea of ​​the site is to exchange publications between people, and to gather people with similar ideas and goals.

Create a new Twitter account

It is possible to create a new account on Twitter using a computer or other electronic devices very easily and quickly, by opening the site through one of the available search engines, filling in the required data on the registration page as appropriate, and authenticating the account using a valid mobile phone number or email. , the account will be created directly, and the personal page and home page can be modified and user information recorded, and it is preferable to provide the account with a personal photo of its owner, and general information such as the place of study and work, and date of birth, to facilitate identification by users of the site.

Twitter is distinguished by the hashtag service that allows people to communicate with one idea. When you type the hashtag code and then the desired word, you will be able to access all the information related to the word in the site’s database.

How to use twitter

  • Follow button: enables you to search for friends by writing their names and clicking on the follow option available on the page to add them to the followers list.
  • The re-follow button is where you can re-follow people who have previously followed you.
  • Mailbox service: through which you send private messages to the specified persons.
  • Post Tweet button: You can write the post you want on your personal page or the pages of other people, and you can publish written text, a picture or a video clip and electronic links as well.
  • Repost Tweet button: You can republish a post to one of your friends on your own page.
  • Favorite button: You can save the tweets you have liked.
  • Notifications service: through which you can inquire about your notifications.
  • Home: The page where you can see your friends’ posts.
  • Personal page: You can see only your posts and those who have written on your page.

How do I make a Twitter account?

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