Setting goals

Achieving success requires setting long-term goals, which include each of the main areas of life, such as: artistic, family, physical, educational, career, and financial goals, and contributing to the employment of thinking tools. When setting goals, medium and short-term goals can be identified, and it is recommended to write and analyze them into smaller sub-steps, so that a person can control the standards and dates related to them, which will allow him to link the events in his life with the plan he drew.[1]

split goals

Constant feedback can be received, and the parameters related to the goals can be changed once the goals are formulated into long, medium and short term and broken down into smaller goals; This will motivate the person, and the person can review his goals day after day; This will help him keep track of his progress.[1]

Commitment to achieving the goal

Writing a goal is the first step towards achieving it. A person should write a specific plan, the action steps he can take, and the problems he may encounter.[2]

Review progress regularly

The person should ensure on a regular basis that he is making progress towards achieving his goals and ambitions, and if he is not making any progress, he can analyze the reasons that prevent the achievement of the goal, and seek advice from experts and support from those close to him, and not give up on pursuing his goal, as He must identify the steps he must take to solve this problem and proceed to achieve the goal.[2]


Learning to be patient and knowing that great things cannot be achieved overnight is one of the most important things that a person must possess to achieve his ambitions and goals. If a person faces failure when doing a certain thing, he can follow another way to accomplish it, and benefit from these experiences to improve himself, and move forward in order to achieve goals and ambitions.[3]

accept failure

Acceptance of failure is important when trying to achieve ambitions, but this does not mean that a person has to submit to failure, or love it, but it means that he has to accept it, and not avoid it, because it is a necessary part of life, it may seem that it will continue forever, but it will passes, then finds himself on the right path to achieve his goals.[3]

the reviewer

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