The Islamic religion is the third of the heavenly religions. It began with the revelation of the revelation to the Prophet Muhammad – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – in the Cave of Hira, and its spread has continued since then, and will continue until the Day of Resurrection; It is the last and the last of all religions, and it is the religion that only God will accept.

After the migration of the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – to Medina, the expansion of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, and the transition of the Islamic caliphate from one caliph to another, Rashidi, Umayyad, Abbasid, or other than that, their ultimate goal was to expand the area of ​​Islam to what after the Arabian Peninsula; So the Islamic armies set out in the east and west spreading Islam, forgiveness, justice, equality, and goodness among people, and fighting oppression, slavery, persecution, slavery, poverty and ignorance, until Islam reached Morocco as one of the countries that God honored with the grace of Islam.

The arrival of Islam to Morocco

Morocco or the Kingdom of Morocco is one of the countries of the Arab world, and one of the countries of the continent of Africa, located in the farthest corner of the Maghreb, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and it is the point of connection between the countries of Islam and Western Europe, through the Strait of Gibraltar, which separates it from Spain, or Andalusia in Islamic history.

Islam arrived and spread in Morocco at the hands of three distinguished Muslim leaders, and the entry of Islam into this country was not an easy matter. The Islamic armies faced the powerful Byzantine armies and fought against the tribes – the indigenous inhabitants of the country, Berbers, Berbers and others – who were mostly Christian or Jewish.

Leaders of the Islamic conquest in Morocco

Uqba bin Amer Al-Fihri

Founder of the city of Kairouan in Tunisia. important to Morocco; On this date, the commander Uqba bin Nafie entered Morocco, and reached the cities of Tangiers and Ceuta.

Hassan bin Numan

The Muslim leader who succeeded the commander Uqba bin Nafie Al-Fihri after his martyrdom at the hands of the Byzantines during his return from Morocco and his settlement in Algeria; Hassan Ibn al-Nu’man fought the Byzantine army, expanded the spread of Islam in Morocco, and worked to spread the Arabic language among its original Berber population.

Musa bin Nusair

The inspiring feat leader, who completed the spread of Islam in all of Morocco, and since then, Morocco has been a Muslim country; Muslims make up 99% of its population; Since Islam is the official religion of the country, and the Arabic language is the first official language, and Musa bin Nusair is the teacher of the leader Tariq bin Ziyad, the conqueror of Andalusia, and the spreader of Islam in it.

How did Islam reach Morocco?

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