Not making excuses

A strong personality does not make excuses for anyone, and does not waste time listening to people talking about the things they can do, but rather focus on the things that can be done, and on how to overcome all the obstacles they face, and the individual should not doubt himself if he does not make excuses to people ; He may have faced many reasons and things that hindered him from carrying out one thing, and in return there are also many reasons that enabled him to carry out another order.[1]

Not relying on others

A strong person does not depend on others to determine his personality and what he can do. There are many individuals who need others in order to encourage them and develop themselves, but a strong person knows what he wants on his own without the need for others; He doesn’t need a friend, coach, or family member to tell him this.[1]

Good listening and hate small talk

A strong personality knows how to listen to others, and hates small talk that is useless; This is because she has a lot of ideas that develop her personality and change the world, and therefore she does not want to get into conversations that waste time.[1]

meet new people

Personal strength increases as a result of engaging and merging with new people; Communication with people gives the individual a lot of experience, helps him learn from them, and integrates with new people may allow him to learn about new cultures, ideas, and opinions, which would develop the mind, in addition to enhancing the emotion of tolerance with others, and broadening the horizons of the individual.[2]


Courage requires persistence in various decisions, knowing how to adequately express them and the ideas one plans, as well as sticking to them and implementing them when making difficult decisions. Intelligence lies in how to handle these plans smoothly when convincing others involved.[3]

Boost self-confidence

Self-confidence can be enhanced through the following:[4]

  • Make a list of personal goals. These goals may be as simple as tidying up the bedroom, or as large as going back to school for a higher degree, and planning to achieve them.
  • Taking care of the body and personal appearance, by eating sufficient quantities of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, getting adequate sleep, which ranges from seven to eight hours every night, exercising regularly, and wearing appropriate clothes that enhance a sense of confidence.

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How can a person strengthen his character?

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