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Thursday January 16, 2020

How Backup works for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices through iTunes and iCloud

How Backup works for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices through iTunes and iCloud 1

All that matters when the phone is lost, broken or any damage to it is the data in it, and our desire not to lose this data, such as pictures, videos, messages, passwords, applications, and even the operating system data itself or other files on The device, and you can lose all this data and files if you lose the phone or any malfunction occurred and you have not made a backup for it, and it is the only easiest and most effective way to keep your files and not lose them.

Fortunately, this method on iOS devices is very easy compared to other systems, and in normal cases most users will not have to pay any money to complete it, and there are two ways to make Backup for iOS devices and it is through iTunes And iCloud, and we’ll now explain the two methods on this topic.

How to backup iOS devices with iCloud

How Backup works for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices through iTunes and iCloud 2

If you do not have a PC or Mac at this time, Backup using iCloud is the best choice in this case, and there are some devices that have an area of ​​more than 16 or 32GB. If you use this space all or more, this will represent a small problem for you. This is because the free space available on iCloud is 5GB, and if you want to increase the space, you can get 50GB for $ 1 per month, or about 17.6 Egyptian pounds, and this will be more than enough space, so be careful in how to use it or choose the most important files that you want to save in the 5 GB Freebies.

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And now with the steps to backup your iPhone, iPad, or iPod from iCloud:

  1. On the device, open Settings, then follow this path: iCloud> Backup> iCloud Backup.
  2. Then turn on the button next to iCloud Backup until it turns green.
  3. Then click on Backup Now below.

This will save important data such as accounts of different websites, text files, and health data related to health and sports applications and a lot of important data, and in this way the device will make a backup automatically when it is closed and connected to the charger and connected to Wi-Fi, And this feature is not found in most other devices and saves you time and effort and saves your important data, and if you enter your iCloud account from any other device it will tell you whether you want to restore the data that you saved on this device or not.

How to backup iOS devices through iTunes

How Backup works for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices through iTunes and iCloud 3

Backup for iPhone, iPad or iPod through iTunes is the best in all respects, it is completely free and allows you to backup the applications that you have purchased so that you do not have to reinstall the application if you change the device, and it also does not require an internet connection, but ITunes must be installed on your PC or Mac in order to connect the iOS device to it, and when Backup is done the device must be connected to the PC or Mac every time and not automatically unlike iCloud, unless your computer or Mac is connected to the same Wi-Fi network Which iOS device is connected to, which we will know through the following steps?

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Now with Stepup’s steps using iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer or Mac.
  2. Open iTunes from your computer or Mac, and it can work automatically when the iPhone is connected to the device.
  3. Open the password from the iOS device if you use one.
  4. You will see a message asking if you trust this device, click on Trust.How Backup works for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices through iTunes and iCloud 4
  5. In iTunes you will find the icon for the iOS device has appeared in the bar at the top as shown in the picture, click on it.
  6. In the second box under Backup, choose This computer as shown in the image above before the previous image.
  7. Then click on the Back Up Now button and you will find it next to This computer on the right, and iTunes will instantly backup your device.
  8. Once this process is complete, you can see your iTunes Backup> Preferences> Devices on your Mac, or you can find Preferences under the Edit menu in iTunes in Windows.

You can choose the Automatically sync setting when the iPhone is connected to turn on iTunes and make Backup automatically when the iOS device is connected to the computer, you can also choose the Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi setting to make Backup on iTunes without a wired connection, but you must make sure That the computer and the iTunes application work first, and in this way the iPhone will be able to make Backup while it is connected to the charger and connected to the same Wi-Fi network with the computer or Mac, and to restore files or data that you have made Backup to, you must connect the required iOS device With the same computer or Mac that you just made Backup from.

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