Paths and patios

Every garden needs to have a number of paths in it; In order to connect its different courtyards with each other, it can also be used to add a beautiful appearance to the garden, as the paths and patios are main parts of the garden, so beautiful stones or tiles can be chosen to make winding, straight, or curved paths, as the shape of the path can define a special character for the garden .[1]

the trees

Trees form an important part of gardens of all kinds, as they add height throughout the garden, and it is possible to plant evergreen trees, deciduous trees, huge oak trees, or flowering cherry trees, depending on the area of ​​the garden, and special containers can be used to plant The trees are inside and enhance the appearance of the garden in small gardens, knowing that the trees need a good level of care.[1]

garden pond

Adding a pond to the garden of the house helps to attract wildlife to it, where some plants can be added; Like the lily and lily to it, this will also attract birds to the garden; This is in order to obtain drinking and bathing water, and the growth of wildlife in it can be accelerated by adding a small bucket of water from one of the other water ponds to it. Care should be taken when choosing the pond from which the water is brought, and making sure that it is free of anything that may harm the private pond. Some stones or sticks can be placed in the pond; In order to help animals and birds to get out of the water in the event of a fall.[2]

Other ideas for home garden decoration

There are many other ideas that can be used to decorate the garden of the house, including the following:[3]

  • Elevated platforms: Elevated platforms on which plants can be grown help give plants an opportunity to absorb a greater amount of sunlight, as the space below can be used to store garden tools and supplies.
  • Hanging baskets from the ceiling: You can use hanging baskets to plant the plant inside, and hang it on the ceiling of the balcony, in the event that you do not have enough space on the garden floor to grow plants.
  • Square planting beds: This idea helps to divide the plant beds into small squares, and use each square to grow a specific type of vegetable.
  • Candle Lanterns: Candle lanterns are used to add beautiful lighting to the garden.
  • Furniture: Some pieces of garden furniture can be added; For use in dining or relaxing, high chairs can be designed; In order to use the space below it to grow fragrant plants in small pots.[2]

the reviewer

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home garden ideas

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