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Thursday March 26, 2020

Hizbullah: We do not rule out America standing behind the deployment of Corona

The World – Lebanon

During his talk on the Hadith Al-Sa’ah program on Al-Manar TV, His Eminence, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, His Eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, has for more than a month warned of the issue of the spread of Corona and stressed the need to prepare for it. We started preparing for this and studied home quarantine files for those who may have traveled to Iran. “

Mr. Hashim Safi El-Din pointed out that the Ministry of Health played a large role and 1150 people who returned from Iran were closely followed in the domestic quarantine, adding that we have in Qom about 250 students with their husbands and children and all those who returned are 45 families.

Regarding Hizbullah’s plan to combat the Corona virus, Sayyid Safi al-Din considered that Hizbullah’s plan comes from taking responsibility towards Lebanon and our society to contribute to getting rid of the epidemic, stressing that we do not replace the state nor replace it, but we extend our hands in helping to confront this threat.

And Mr. Safi El-Din announced that many of Hezbollah’s plan to combat corona include 1,500 doctors, 3,000 nurses and paramedics, 5,000 health service personnel and 15,000 field service staff. And a total of many 24500 people in charge of medical and health matters without social matters, and we are now testing societal resistance and we have developed multiple scenarios to confront the epidemic in case things roll over.

Mr. Safi El-Din said that Hezbollah is walking behind the government and the Ministry of Health with them to contribute to limiting the spread of the epidemic and eliminating it, in order to preserve the Lebanese health system that is for the entire country. He said: “Anything the Ministry of Health needs for government hospitals is cadres in all Lebanese regions. We have declared Our readiness for that. “

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Mr. Safi El-Din revealed that Hezbollah used in its health plan some of the capabilities that were equipped in the face of any war with the enemy, pointing out that the mayor today on government hospitals and what the Ministry of Health is doing a great effort.

Mr. Safi El-Din pointed out that the supposed places of stone and places of isolation have been identified and we are preparing them. “We have put St. George’s Hospital fully to face the corona, and the patients are transferred to other cases to -‘s Greatest Hospital” p.

He continued: “We have rented private hospitals and equipped them for reserve and use at the time of need, and have trained 15,000 people in the framework of the plan to tackle the corona,” noting that 100 cars are equipped to transport people infected with coronavirus, including 25 cars equipped with artificial respiration.

Mr. Safi El-Din said that besides this plan, there is a social plan to help poor and needy families through food aid and sterilization materials, noting that within one month 3 billion pounds of financial contributions and legal rights were spent to serve and help people.

Mr. Safi El-Din indicated that most Lebanese forces are taking responsibility because they have become aware of the gravity of the stage and that the epidemic poses a danger to everyone, considering that the process of politicizing the spread of corona in Lebanon and giving it a sectarian character is a real ignorance.

Mr. Safi El-Din said: “The hypothesis that America is behind the spread of the epidemic cannot be excluded, and we are not certain that America has spread the epidemic but rather open all possibilities as a result of the arrogant and expansionist mentality in this world.” He pointed out that the current pattern of biological wars is never excluded. On American intelligence.

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