History of World Autism Day

Autism, or as it is called autism, is known as a disorder that appears in children who have not exceeded the age of three, as it affects their upbringing, and it comes in three forms, where we find a language disorder in which it is difficult to learn and pronounce speech, and a disorder in skills so that it is difficult to Communication with others and social responsiveness, and a behavior disorder that makes it difficult for them to act.

getting sick

The incidence of this disease is still unknown, as most researchers believe that it is subject to environmental factors, so it is believed that the conditions that the mother is exposed to during pregnancy and until birth are related to infection, and perhaps the lack of oxygen that the child needs during birth, or even The vaccinations he needs may be one of the reasons, and some find that it is a result of the transmission of viruses to children, or infection from some diseases, and perhaps ingestion of toxic chemicals, and some believe that it is the result of a defect in the child’s immunity, and some indicate that the method prepared for the food that the mother eats has a great role. In the child having autism, and some of them believe that autism comes immediately after having a fever as a result of a high temperature, and leniency with this condition results from infection with the disease.

Statistics indicate that out of every hundred and fifty children, at least one is affected by this disease, and they show that males are four times more likely to develop autism than females. In all countries of the world.

History of World Autism Day

The designation of the second day of April is World Autism Day, and this day was adopted at the end of the year two thousand and seven AD, by the General Assembly of the United Nations. In the United Nations, as well as all its institutions, and all organizations also affiliated with the United Nations or related to it, and other international organizations, as well as all civil institutions, with the aim of spreading awareness in general, and attention to this disease, there is no doubt that it is a sad day For many families who have a person with autism, but it may be a happy day for some, as it is a step in the way of treatment.

Autism treatment

The rate of autism varies from one child to another, and that is why some have called it autism spectrum disorder, and until today there is no known effective treatment that fully cures this disease, but early detection offers much better treatment options than delaying detection, and a child must Autism from coexisting with its disease, in light of the community’s understanding and acceptance of it.

History of World Autism Day

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