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The mother is the origin of our life, and the point of our strength and pride. We cannot grow up and face life without the support of the mother who sacrifices her life for the sake of her children. She is the light that illuminates our lives and guides us to the right path. A mother is a small part of her right, as she has done for her children what no one else does for other human beings, and our love and respect for her is a sacred duty and cannot be reversed or neglected. March 21st each year.[1]

Some of the virtues of a mother over her children

Among the virtues of a mother over her children are the following:[2]

  • Pregnancy and childbirth: A person cannot form and come to this life without a mother who carries him in her womb for nine months, and takes care of him while he is in her womb, despite the tiring symptoms that pregnancy causes. All the great pain I went through in childbirth.
  • Breastfeeding: This warm feeling for the mother and her fetus when she feeds him from her body and carries him in her arms without tire or boredom, and she feels all the warmth and tenderness that they need.
  • Care: It is not easy to have a young child who needs to be taken care of with everything; Because he can’t do anything for himself, she does all his requirements with tenderness and attention no matter how tired the matter is, she will not neglect her child because she sees him as no one has seen him and prefers him to herself and her soul.
  • Education: The mother is the first factor in raising her children with the correct education based on morals, as she establishes her son and establishes a society and life.

Beautiful ideas for Mother’s Day

Children can present their mother with some simple things that do not fulfill her right, but she will certainly make her feel joy and care.[3]

  • Special Iftar: All family members can prepare a special breakfast for the mother before the mother wakes up. This breakfast can include a family session in which the mother is distinguished by where she sits and is decorated with beautiful flowers and thank you cards from each family member presented to her.
  • Unique cupcakes: Cupcakes can be made for mom with love and thank you written on each one.
  • Mother’s painting: The mother can be drawn with a beautiful and distinctive painting and presented to her with some beautiful balloons. She will definitely be happy with this painting.
  • Barbecue Party: Prepare for a special and surprising barbecue party for mom with some special gifts and a beautiful candy bar.
  • Trip: The family can go out on a beautiful trip with the mother on this day, preferably a place she loves and means a lot to her.

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