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Countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day in honor of her, and the United States of America was the first to celebrate Mother’s Day on the twelfth of May, when a girl named (Anna Jarvis) in 1907 AD performed a memorial ceremony in her mother’s church, for five years This day was celebrated, but President Woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday in 1914 AD. Mother’s Day has become associated with sending roses, cards and souvenirs to mothers all over the world, and honoring mothers goes back to ancient times. The Greeks and Romans honored their gods Rhea and Pantheon.[1]

Mother’s Day Historically

In 1903 AD, the young woman (Anna Jarvis) in the United States of America wanted to commemorate her mother’s death, and to honor the qualities found in all mothers such as love, tenderness and piety, so she tried to make Mother’s Day a holy day in which local churches celebrate, and the first memorial tent was erected in 1907 AD. In the following year, Mother’s Day celebrations were held in the churches of the United States of America, and Mother’s Day spread and became international, as it became an important commercial day and was considered an important event. Anna believed that the celebration should be for all mothers, but in 1920 AD it was clear that the interests of On the celebration of Mother’s Day, and with the increase in her demands to stop the Mother’s Day holiday, everyone turned away from her and described her as a woman of sound moral values.[2]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts are a way to express love, and among the most important ideas for Mother’s Day gifts are:[3]

  • Jewelry: Most mothers are fond of jewelry, as the ring or necklace is an ideal gift to present to the mother, as it is possible to go to jewelry stores and choose the piece that the mother prefers.
  • Roses: Roses are a great way to express love and gratitude to the mother, and carnations, yellow roses, and others can be used.
  • Perfumes: Perfume is the favorite gift for many mothers, where you can visit a perfume store and choose the mother’s favorite scent.
  • Books: If the mother loves to read, then books and magazines are the best gift for her. A book in the field that she loves, such as poetry, fiction, inspiration books, and others, can be given as a gift.
  • Artifacts: All mothers love to decorate their homes, and some like to collect antiques from all possible places, so they can be gifted with a rare artifact that they wish they had one day.

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History of International Mother’s Day

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