Suez Canal

It is a famous water channel found in Egypt. It is a navigational waterway that extends from Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea and Suez on the Red Sea; The canal links two important seas, and it is now the most important navigation channel in the world; It facilitates the movement of commercial ships of all kinds that travel from Europe to Asia and vice versa. It connects the east to the west and the north to the south. It is the ideal alternative to the Cape of Good Hope, which is located at the end of the African continent; The Suez Canal is an important artificial canal.

The idea of ​​digging the Suez Canal

The idea of ​​digging a water canal linking Bahrain is not a new idea, but rather the ancient Egyptians knew it, but the idea of ​​the Suez Canal project began as an alternative to the long Cape of Good Hope road, as it wastes time and effort, and besides, it is a monopoly of the State of Great Britain, and for fear of European trade movement, let’s say Its products to other countries, and through the French campaign against Egypt, which was led by Napoleon Bonoparte in 1798 AD, the idea of ​​building a water canal began. A meeting was held with experts and the water level was measured in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, but the project was not completed due to France’s defeat in the Battle of Abu Qir.

The history of the digging of the Suez Canal

During the golden period that Muhammad Said Pasha ruled for Egypt, he wrote for the Suez project, the light; Where the French came back again and proposed the construction of drilling the Suez Canal, so the French obtained approval and obtained a firman and a concession contract to dig the canal for a period of 99 years from the date of opening the canal, and on the twenty-fifth of April (April) 1859 AD, work began on digging the Suez Canal, and it continued for a period of time. Ten years, and a million and a half Egyptians participated in its excavation.

Work continued on digging the Suez Canal, and the work was continuing continuously in digging the canal, which led to the death of one hundred and twenty-five thousand Egyptians as a result of continuous work, in addition to hunger and thirst, and during that period the population of Egypt was five million people, and the work of digging the canal ended in October The second (November) in 1869 AD during the reign of Khedive Ismail Pasha.

The length of the canal is one hundred and sixty-five kilometers, its width is one hundred and ninety meters, and its depth is 58 feet. The cost of digging the canal was approximately 369 million French francs. The rule of the French concession until the canal was nationalized and its right was returned to the people of Egypt during the era of Gamal Abdel Nasser in the twentieth century. .

History of digging the Suez Canal

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