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Tuesday March 2, 2021

Hezbollah mourns Sheikh Ahmad Al-Zein: Nasser of the Palestinian cause

The World – Lebanon

Hizbullah expressed its “deep sadness at the departure of Sheikh Zain after a busy jihad and scientific march, and from his honorable family and the scholars of the nation and the Mujahideen in various arenas he is offering the warmest feelings of sympathy and condolence.” And those are good companions.

Hizbullah praised “the long jihadist march of the late scholar, who stood by the resistance and was supportive and supportive of it in various stages and circumstances. He was also one of the sincere mujahideen who did not take them in God as a blame.” He renounced the differences between them, and made great efforts to strengthen the bonds of unity on the national and Islamic arena. “

Hizbullah said, “The biography of the dear deceased, the tremendous exploits and sacrifices he contained, and the continuous jihad, will remain a beacon for those working in the field of unity among Muslims, and a bright page in the history of the homeland and the nation.”

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