The female reproductive system consists of two organs on the outer sides of the uterus called the ovaries, and their function lies in the formation of eggs and the secretion of hormones that control the characteristics of the woman and the organs of her reproductive system. The benefits of the ovary are the production of female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and usually women who suffer from diseases in the ovaries lead to problems in their reproductive system, difficulty in conceiving, and irregular menstruation.[١]

A woman goes through menopause in the middle of her life, in which the menstrual cycle stops and estrogen production decreases, and thus the ovulation process stops, which causes her depression, and as it is known that the female is born and her ovaries are loaded with thousands of eggs that suffice for her throughout her life, unlike the man who is constantly being formed inside the castrated animals. and throughout his sexual life.[١]

One of the diseases that affect a woman’s ovaries is polycystic ovaries, which causes a disturbance in the ovulation process and thus the ovaries become inactive, which leads to a disturbance in the menstrual cycle, and a delay in pregnancy in women, so they resort to medical examinations, analyzes and continuous reviews, and perhaps they overlook alternative medicine, which is at that time. With herbs that activate and strengthen the ovaries.[٢]

Herbs to stimulate the ovary

There are many herbs that activate the work of the ovaries, and these herbs include the following:

  • Anise: Anise contains many natural compounds that have estrogenic properties, and estrogen is a well-known female hormone, so anise is called estrogenic;[٣] Where anise strengthens the ovaries of the woman who uses it, and is used in the form of an emulsion by mixing a teaspoon of its seeds in a cup of hot water at a boiling point, and one cup is taken per day, or two tablespoons per day of aniseed drink, or several times per day. (5-7) drops of the dye found in pharmacies, mixed with water or milk.[١]
  • White nettle or lamion: It is a nettle-like plant, very similar to nettle, and is characterized by a set of medicinal properties.[٤]
  • Chastity berries: This herb regulates female hormones, and it basically regulates the menstrual cycle, increasing the secretion of the hormone that leads to ovulation, while reducing the activity of the hormone that activates the egg, so attention must be paid to this.[٣]

In addition to the above, it is recommended to use pomegranate, fennel, licorice, fenugreek, palm pollen, frankincense fort, and date kernels to activate female hormones.[٥]

Various foods to stimulate the ovaries

Activating the ovulation process increases fertility in women, so the woman must also take care of her diet; Where many researchers believe that the majority of infertility cases are caused by a disorder in ovulation or the absence of the egg, and this problem can be overcome by following a healthy diet that contains the following foods:

  • Chickpea is a grain that increases sexual vitality.[٥]
  • meals rich in vitamin C such as iron, zinc, and protein; Where these minerals affect the occurrence of the ovulation process.[٦]
  • Apricots help regulate menstrual disorders, by eating six pills three times a day.[٥]
  • strawberries and foods containing boron; Where the research of the US Department of Agriculture showed that eating three milligrams of boron doubles the level of estrogen in the blood, and from foods rich in boron (strawberries, peaches, cabbage, tomatoes, chicory, apples, hops, figs, poppy seeds, broccoli, pears, cherries, beets, apricots, dill, parsley, and cumin seeds).[٣]

Ways to keep the ovaries healthy

There are many ways to maintain the integrity of a woman’s ovaries, including:

  • Exercising and avoiding excess weight, which in turn weakens the ovaries and reduces their activity due to the accumulation of fat on them, and exposes the woman’s reproductive system to many diseases, including: uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and weight loss below the normal limit affects the amount of hormone secretions necessary for pregnancy to occur. Pregnancy, it is recommended to exercise for its usefulness in strengthening the ovaries and increasing fertility in women.[٧]
  • Quit Smoking; This is because it contains toxic substances that affect the female hormone estrogen and weaken the egg. Smoking delays pregnancy and leads to infertility problems. Since smoking women reach menopause earlier than non-smoking women, and most importantly, smoking increases the life of the uterus; A 35-year-old smoker’s uterus acts like the uterus of a 42-year-old woman, which in turn impairs her fertility and reduces the chance of pregnancy.[٨]
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol as it harms women’s health.[٩]
  • Avoiding sexually transmitted infections that cause many diseases in a woman’s reproductive system.[٩]
  • Avoid radiation and dangerous chemicals.[٩]
  • reduce stress and psychological stress; As a woman’s fertility is affected by external and internal external factors; The psychological part plays an important and major role in women’s health, so stress and psychological pressure must be avoided because they affect the hormone secreted by the ovaries and thus affect the occurrence of the ovulation process. Women can sleep at night and this affects the reproductive hormone as well. A study was conducted on women in Germany, estimated at 393 women who want to become pregnant; It has been proven that the lack of pregnancy is due to their frustration, and this in turn affects fertility hormones, and reduces the chance of pregnancy.[١٠]

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Herbs to stimulate the ovaries

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