The olive tree is considered one of the most durable and especially fruitful trees in the Mediterranean regions. It is also characterized by the ability to withstand high temperatures, and almost no house is devoid of olive fruits, or the oil extracted from them; This is due to the health benefits it contains, which we will learn about in this article.[1]

Health benefits of olives

Olives have many nutritional and health benefits, the most important of which are the following:[2]

  • Maintains the health of the heart and arteries: because it reduces the proportion of bad cholesterol, and raises the proportion of good cholesterol; Which enhances the health of the heart and arteries, as well as limits clots and atherosclerosis, and makes them more resistant to heart attacks and strokes.
  • Strengthens immunity and fights free radicals: because it contains antioxidants from vitamin A and vitamin E, and thus enhances immunity by combating free radicals, fighting infections, and fighting breast cancer in particular; It contains substances that kill and destroy cancer cells.
  • Improves memory: because it contains polyphenols, it also fights free radicals, reduces the oxidation process in brain cells, and fights Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Provides the body with energy and controls appetite: because it contains a good percentage of calories and useful fats in the body, it also helps to feel full, and the lack of desire to eat, especially sugars.
  • Treats cases of anemia: because it contains a large proportion of iron; A cup of olives contains 4.4 mg of iron, and it is worth noting that iron helps in the synthesis of carnitine, an amino acid that converts fats into energy, and is also included in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • It fights aging and promotes skin health: because it contains oleic acid, which maintains the skin and its smoothness; This is because it contains antioxidants that reduce wrinkles and lines that appear on the skin.
  • It benefits the digestive system and enhances its work: because it contains properties that facilitate digestion, and helps treat many cases of constipation.

olive uses

Olives are used for many things, the most important of which are:[3]

  • It is used for eating after the pickling process, and the oil is extracted from it, and olive oil is one of the best types of oils for the health of the body.
  • extracting wood from the olive tree; Because it has beautiful veins, it is tough.
  • The use of paper to treat many cases; By soaking it and drinking its water.
  • Taking the substance that olives leave after pressing, which is known as pyrene, after pressing it at high temperatures; In order to produce from it the oil of the terminal, which is used in the production of laurel soap.
  • industrial coal manufacture; This is after extracting the oil of the terminal from the remnants of the olive pressing that are being burned, and adding flaming materials; In order to become industrial charcoal used to heat homes during the winter season.

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Health benefits of olives

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