Hawaiian Airlines Unveils Brand New Dreamliner Featuring Lavish Suites

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Hawaiian Airlines has recently revealed the design for its Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The design has been inspired by Hawaiian nature and incorporates luxurious lie-flat suites, along with upgrades to the economy cabin. The features will rollout over the next few years as 12 new Dreamliners come into service, with delivery expected in November. The design aims to give passengers a taste of Hawaii’s environment, with the planes’ overall aesthetic inspired by early Polynesian voyages and the textures and colors of natural elements found throughout the islands. The lavatories on the plane feature shimmering black floors, while the fabrics used for the seat covers are inspired by native plants.

Passengers can expect to experience the same elements found throughout Hawaiian Airlines’ Dreamliner’s design, from the deep aqua colors of the carpets to the tasteful accents of Hawaii incorporated into every detail of the journey. The company aims to create an experience that evokes the natural charm of the islands and makes passengers feel as if they never left paradise.

Luxurious Lie-Flat Suites

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner creates a luxurious in-flight experience with lie-flat suites designed for comfort and convenience. The seats are arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration, creating a more spacious feel that allows passengers to relax in cozy comfort. Passengers can expect a peaceful night’s sleep, with soft bedding provided alongside other amenities, such as noise-canceling headphones and eye masks.

In-Flight Entertainment

Hawaiian Airlines has not neglected its in-flight entertainment by providing a wide range of options, including up to 180 movies and TV shows, along with a variety of games. The entertainment system uses the latest technology to provide passengers with high-definition views of the sky and the moving map display.

Upgraded Economy Cabin

Even economy class passengers can enjoy upgraded amenities thanks to the airline’s redesigned cabin. The Dreamliner’s economy seats come with a 12-inch high-definition screen, along with USB ports to charge electronic devices. Passengers are also provided with pillows and blankets to ensure maximum comfort on their journey.

Dining on Board

Hawaiian Airlines Dreamliners offer passengers a varied selection of meals and snacks throughout the journey, with a focus on using locally-sourced ingredients. Passengers can enjoy items such as the airline’s signature Kahlua pork and cabbage, as well as regional craft beers and wines.

Environmental Commitment

Hawaiian Airlines is committed to sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices with the Dreamliner’s fuel-efficient engines and lowering carbon emissions. The planes also feature eco-friendly features such as LED lighting and tray tables made from recycled materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. When will the new Dreamliners be available?

A. The first delivery is set for November, with more planes rolling out over the next few years.

Q. What are the plane’s lie-flat suites like?

A. The lie-flat suites are designed for comfort and convenience with a cosy 2-2-2 configuration and excellent amenities.

Q. What type of entertainment is provided on board?

A. Passengers can enjoy up to 180 movies and TV shows, along with a variety of games.

Q. What is the focus of the airline’s dining options?

A. Hawaiian Airlines offers a varied selection of meals and snacks with a focus on locally-sourced ingredients.

Q. What eco-friendly practices does the airline have in place?

A. The airline is committed to sustainability with fuel-efficient engines, lower carbon emissions, and eco-friendly features such as LED lighting and recycled material tray tables.