Airports in the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands, which are located in the United States of America, have many airports, some of which are mentioned with the region to which they belong in the following table:[1]

Airport name




Honolulu Intl


Kona International

Koa Kailua Kona




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Kaneo by Makas


Hello International


Important airports in the Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu Airport

Located between latitude 21.32 and longitude -157.93, Honolulu Airport has 64 different scheduled arrival routes within the United States as well as 57 international routes and has six runways that allow aircraft to land only during the day.[2]

Kona Airport

Kona International Airport is located in Kailua, between latitude 19.74 and longitude -156.05, it has 20 scheduled access routes within the United States, and it has one runway allowing aircraft to land at night, and it owns many different types of aircraft such as: large aircraft, commercial aircraft and airliners Long-distance transportation, it also provides many services for large turboprop passengers, small, medium and light twin transport aircraft, and most commercial and passenger aircraft.[3]

Information about the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, specifically in the far north of Polynesia, with an area of ​​10,931 square miles, and a population according to population statistics for 2016 AD amounting to 1,428.557 people, and the largest city in the Hawaiian Islands is Honolulu, which is the capital. The Dormant Monaki is the highest peak in these islands, with a peak of 4,205 metres.[4]

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