Michigan State

The US state of Michigan is located in the northeastern part of the United States of America, and the state is located in an intermediate region between four lakes (Michigan, Superior, Aaron, and Wire), so the coastal border of this state is the longest in America, and the largest fleet in the country is owned by the state It is mentioned that it joined the Union of American States on the twenty-sixth of January 1837 CE.

Population census statistics for 2010 indicate that the population of the city of Hattankook has exceeded approximately 9,883,640 people, and thus it is the largest state in the country in terms of population, and its area extends to more than 253,793 square kilometers, and it is approximately 603 meters above sea level.

In terms of administrative division, the state of Michigan embraces a number of major cities and municipalities, and the most important cities in the state are Detroit, known as the global automobile capital, where General Motors, Ford and Chrysler companies are based, and Holland and Michigan (Hankook) and these cities are considered the capital of office furniture at a global level world, Dearborn, and other other cities.

Hancock City

The city of Hancock is located in the heart of Houghton Michigan in the northeastern part of the United States of America, and the height of the city is about 212 meters above sea level.

Statistics from the United States Census Bureau indicate that the population of the city of Hancock has exceeded approximately 4,634 people for the year 2010 AD, distributed over its area extending to 7.69 square kilometers, and the population density of the city of Hancock is estimated at approximately 688.1 people per square kilometer approximately.

The city of Hancock in one of its streets in northern Michigan includes a skyscraper that reaches a height of more than 1,127 feet, or 344 meters, and thus is considered the tallest building in the world outside the borders of New York, and later became the fourth building in Chicago in terms of height, and the seventh on the The building consists of more than seven hundred housing units in addition to a number of offices and restaurants. It also includes the third highest residence in the world, and has become a tourist attraction for the state due to the presence of an observatory that provides the opportunity to view 360 degrees of the city of Hancock.

Economically, the city of Hancock is of great importance in the field of industry; It is considered the first capital of the office furniture industry in the world, as it is the headquarters of the two companies Steelcase and Haworth, and this complements the great economic role of the state of Michigan in the country, as the state contributes to the gross national product by about $ 320.5 billion.

Hancock City

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