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Sunday November 22, 2020

Hackers are bleaching their reputation in the era of the fifth generation network

As the threat of piracy increases with the increase in Internet-connected accessories on the market, more companies are resorting to the services of “friendly hackers” who attack their systems to monitor their weaknesses.
And these experts in information piracy are well known in their field and make huge returns, or are they just amateurs of these activities. Today, their tasks have become more common with the spread of the “Internet of Things”, which expands the scope of this field, according to experts in this regard.

“Six or eight years ago, it was just a shout out in Silicon Valley,” says Keren Elazari, “an ethical hacking expert” who specializes in cybersecurity.

Today, several large organizations, such as the Pentagon, banks, airlines, technology giants, and others smaller in the thousands, offer rewards programs known as “Bag Bounty” (the “Bug Bounty” (Spoil for Detecting Defects), according to what the expert reveals during a conference in Finland organized by “Nokia” the third largest Operator for the fifth generation (5G) networks.

Hacker One for friendly hackers
The largest friendly hacker platform, Hacker One, currently has 800,000 members. In 2020, customers awarded cash bonuses, reaching a record $ 44 million.

But this amount is not useless, given that “one IT engineer in London costs 80,000 euros a year,” or about $ 95,000, according to Barash Sumaya, security solutions engineer at Hacker One.

The digital world is no longer limited to computers and phones, and Hacker One sends more games, devices and connected cars to hackers to infringe the systems of its customers.

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“Based on what happened during the past five years, we found that criminals are adopting elaborate methods of using digital devices,” says Keren Elazari.

The popularity of remote work in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic led to a 59% increase in subscriptions to Hacker One, which was reflected by a third increase in bonuses.

The French and British authorities, for example, have resorted to ethical hacking experts to examine applications designed to track the spread of the virus, according to Somaya.

Fifth generation technology
It is true that the fifth generation technology is more secure than its predecessors, but it is more complex, which increases the margin of error.

In the European Union and the rest of the world, legislation related to cybersecurity is becoming increasingly stringent and fines and penalties tougher for data breaches.

Silky Holtmans, an expert in 5G network security at Adaptive Mobile, confirms that “companies used to face difficulties in attracting more investments in this field, but today the level of security has become an advantage to attract more customers and reduce insurance costs.”

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