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Wednesday January 22, 2020

Gypsum Ceilings Corridors

Ceiling gypsum is used to make distinctive decorative shapes in the roofs, and the shapes evolve year after year, and have reached a great degree of sophistication and distinction, and gypsum board is currently used in homes, companies and other buildings, and the use of gypsum especially in the corridors gives it a distinctive character, but it must Choose the appropriate shape according to the length and width of the pass and other factors.

Gypsum lanes 2019

Gypsum, also known as calcium sulfate hydrate, is a mineral that occurs naturally in layers of sedimentary rocks around the world and consists of evaporation and renewal of water that contains calcium and sulfate, the color of gypsum is white or gray.

And the gypsum is boiled until the majority of moisture is removed, and this process is known as calcination, and adding water again to this powder creates a flexible material, which can be formed in a specific shape or mold and hardens after a short period, and gypsum can be added to other materials to make certain forms And, due to the capabilities of gypsum, it is an essential ingredient in some toothpastes, home décor and more [1] .

Gypsum stately corridors

Gypsum is found in many countries, but Spain, Thailand, the United States, Turkey and Russia are among the main producers, and the largest crystal of gypsum has been found in the Braden Mine in Chile and is 3 meters (about 10 feet) long.

Raw gypsum is used in fertilizers, stuffing paper and textiles, and an inhibitor in Portland cement, and gypsum is a white cement material made from partial or complete drying of the gypsum metal, and is usually added by adding special inhibitors or additives. [2] .

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Gypsum board narrow corridors

Gypsum is a very fine metal that can consist of very large colored crystals, and huge gypsum rocks are formed within layers of sedimentary rocks, usually found in thick layers, and are formed in lakes where the ocean water that contains a high content of calcium and sulfate is slowly evaporating, and it is renewed regularly by sources New to water, the result is the accumulation of large amounts of sedimentary gypsum.

Gypsum is usually associated with rock salt, and it is treated and used as prefabricated wall panels, or as industrial plaster or in construction, and is used in the manufacture of cement, agriculture and other uses [3] .

Gypsum ceilings entrances to buildings

The most important use of gypsum is in walls, ceilings and plaster products, and all modern homes are used in various countries of the world, especially in North America and other developed countries, gypsum boards for interior walls.

The United States is the largest consumer of gypsum wall panels in the world, with use of more than 30 billion square feet annually, some gypsum is used to make Portland cement, others are used in agricultural applications, and a small amount of pure gypsum is used in the glass industry and other specialized industrial applications.

Ceilings of the entrances to the buildings of Gypsum Board

Building gypsum is used as a heat-resistant agent, preserving moisture, sound absorption and as a fire-resistant material, and as a building material in decoration, and is widely used in roofing projects and the division of homes and buildings internally, gypsum can be used to manufacture concrete, and both high-strength sticky gypsum powder is used, and gypsum White, and all kinds of gypsum boards such as decorative gypsum boards, and gypsum boards are widely used in various construction projects.

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Gypsum boards are used as a surface for interior walls because of their easy installation, they are porous, soft and lightweight, they can be easily cut and installed, just as gypsum provides fire protection, gypsum is made of CaSO4 and crystalline water, which is a non-combustible material, and moreover, the crystal water is fire-resistant , And when the gypsum board is exposed to heat or fire, the water evaporates, which delays the transmission of heat, and gypsum is able to store moisture when the room is wet and release it again when the weather is dry, and it also serves as a thermal insulator [4] .

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