Gotham City

Gotham City is one of the most famous fictional cities that inhabit the imagination of fans of comics, and its beautiful characters, specifically the character of Batman, which is still to this day a guaranteed way to bring profits to various commercial companies, specifically film production companies.

Gotham City was named by this name by the writer Bill Finger, the writer mentioned in connection with this name that he was basically intending to call it by other names, including Civic City, Coast City, or Capital City, but he changed these designations as soon as his eyes fell in a book The New York City phone book is named after a store, Gotham Jewelers.

The name Gotham is one of the names that has been given to New York since ancient times, even before the spread of the Batman comics in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine AD.

Gotham City’s most famous personalities and landmarks

Gotham City is the main scene of the events of the Batman stories, and these stories reviewed many important characters that the audience was attached to, and became an example for many of them, as these characters were divided between benevolent characters who defend truth and justice, and between characters who always seek To spread chaos, to stir up unrest.

Among the most prominent philanthropists living in the city: Bruce Wayne, the millionaire who secretly disguises himself as Batman and defends truth and good, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s first assistant and confidant, Dick Grayson, who helps Batman in his business and fights, who also disguises as Robin, and Inspector Gordon From the police who constantly communicates with Batman and helps him solve various problems.

Among the evil characters who have become icons of evil in the world: the character of the Joker; He is the clown who is considered the main enemy of Batman in Gotham City, and even the most prominent evil character in all the comics, who causes problems in an innovative way, and is assisted by Harley Quinn, the character of the Riddler, the penguin, and many other characters.

As for the prominent places in Gotham City, there is Arkham Clinic; It is the sanatorium in which the mentally disturbed and troublemakers are admitted, and the Bat Cave, which is the main center from which Batman embarks on his missions, and which contains all the technical equipment he uses, in addition to many other places.

Gotham City in Cinema

Gotham City appeared in various films that reviewed the life of the Batman or part of it, and it depicted the city’s scenes in many international cities, especially American ones, and the appearance of the city was distinctive, in many films, especially in the trilogy of films The Dark Knight signed by the director Genius Christopher Nolan.

The city has also appeared in several animated films and series that feature Batman’s stories, in addition to a television series called Gotham.

Gotham City