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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Google Pixel 5a leaks similar to 4a 5g

Google Pixel 5a I did not expect this phone to exist, and I did not expect anything to be leaked about it. A family of pixel phones is an average family that follows the flagship phone from Google and is released by Google every year. This series started from 3a, then followed by 4a and 4a 5G, but we did not expect the existence of 5a, since the Pixel 5 itself was released with a Snapdragon 765G processor that we could say about it is the 5a processor, so it was difficult for me to expect the release of this phone, especially as we are approaching the date when the a family will be issued in most, in general to view the leaks and what we know About the phone?

What do we know?

Quick access to:

  • The design of the phone is almost identical to that of the Pixel 4a 5G
  • There is no news about the release of this phone in the market
  • Reports and leaks indicate that the leaked images were actually under the name Pixel 5a

Google Pixel 5a leak

Steve “OnLeaks” Hemmerstoffer The famous leak that leaked the designs of all phones to us in all the past years and did not make a mistake in a single leak that leaked pictures indicates that these pictures belong to the Pixel 5a device that no one expected, and which two days ago I wondered if Google would actually think about it? The answer came to me in these pictures, the images show that the new Google phone is almost identical to the Pixel 4a 5G phone that was released last October, carrying a 6.2-inch flat screen with FHD + OLED resolution on the top left with a punch hole for the front camera, on the back we find a camera box that contains On two cameras we don’t know about, next to them is the flash and the PDAF sensor to focus pictures

In the back, we also find the old fingerprint sensor, and nothing else, the back of the phone is empty of any additions other than the letter G for Google, and in the frame of the phone from the top we find our old friend the entrance to the 3.5 mm speaker Do you remember it? Also leaked is that the phone with stereo headphones, nothing else in Google pixel 5a is known, neither processor, battery, camera specifications nor anything.

Will Google Pixel 5a be released

Last year, the Pixel 4a was released in August and a 5G version of it was released in October, accompanying the Pixel 5 phone. Than the Pixel 5 and a bit more powerful than the Pixel 4a 5G? An equation that I do not have an answer for now, but we expect to start hearing leaks about its release date and confirming its specifications at the end of next May.


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