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Thursday March 26, 2020

Google offers a “temporary closure” feature on maps and searches for business owners

In the work of the tech giant Google to find facilities to deal with the curfew and the current conditions the world is witnessing in a family with the exacerbation of the outbreak of Corona, the company announced the provision of a new feature for business owners, commercial stores and the business corporation as a whole to allow them to label workplaces as “temporarily closed” on Google Maps and through the results search.

This feature allows the user to check stores and open commercial places in the area in which they live, or to know the working hours and the time of opening and closing without having to wait on the ground.

Google has published instructions for business owners to direct them to the mechanism to update their files and take advantage of the feature “temporarily closed” and add them to the map and search.

Where users of the Google My Business service can go to update their file and find the new feature and benefit from it through the “Close this work” menu, as the following image appears:

While Google made clear the access to the list, the user will meet three different options, the first is “labeling with closed pauses” and the second “permanently closed” and the third “deleting entries”

On the other hand, the feature may not be useful to the public if business owners do not update their files and refer to their current cases; while Google said earlier that it will resort to using artificial intelligence techniques to ask operators and business owners to confirm their work dates and update them periodically.

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