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Thursday October 1, 2020

Google may face Android monopoly investigations in China

Press reports indicated that the Chinese government may start an investigation with Google for reasons of a monopoly over the Android operating system that it is developing.

This move comes from the Chinese government because of the Android system’s control over the smartphone market and thus controlling the market parameters and killing competition with any other operating system – except for iOS of course, which will cause harm to Chinese companies such as Huawei, which is currently suffering from the US ban imposed on it and preventing Google reported OS updates.

According to a Reuters report, the investigation may begin in the first days of October, and through it, China will look at what other countries and the European Union have done to fine Google, especially the huge fine imposed by the Union on the American company in 2018, amounting to $ 5.1 billion on grounds of monopoly and killing competition.

This step by the Chinese government also coincides with the desire of some American states to investigate Google for reasons of monopoly soon.

And it appears after a few months of American investigations that showed the parent company Alphabet’s sway over competitors, especially in the advertising market, as well as collecting private search data for users when using its engine and browser even with the incognito mode, which is supposed to protect users’ data. This contributed to filing a case with the US Department of Justice for consideration, with the case expected to start this month.

However, whether or not China’s decision to open an investigation and file a case may depend on the relationship with the United States and allowing Huawei to use Android.

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