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Wednesday March 25, 2020

Google launches an Arabic site for home study

Due to the closure of schools and universities in various countries of the world as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus, many families and schools are searching for alternative solutions to prevent the educational process from stalling, and Google has great tools and experience in this field, and now puts it in your hands.

Google launched Temporary Arabic official site Includes information and tools to help teachers continue their education during the crisis of the spread of the Coronavirus.

Google provides a variety of useful tools and tutorials, ranging from preparing the home to make video calls, how to make video calls to the classroom, setting up a question-and-answer session, and even using its Classroom service for live streaming lessons.

But if you have poor communication or do not need video calls, there is another set of tools such as communicating with students via Classroom, creating websites for students through the Google Sites service, even preparing tests via Forms and using documents.

Google explains step-by-step how to use its various tools such as the calendar to prepare the dates of individual sessions, even the virtual Jamboard, the communication between teachers and the sharing of educational resources such as lesson files, and even a set of videos on YouTube to help parents in the education of students from home.

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