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Monday May 25, 2020

Google is working to support encryption in the new generation of RCS SMS

The new RCS technology is still in its infancy, and Google is working on improving it and increasing its adoption by telecommunications companies and related parties. Among the new features under development is the end-to-end encryption type.

New evidence has emerged that Google is developing the ability to encrypt RCS messages via its Google Messages application. Full details are still unknown, but you may be able to choose to allow or reject third-party apps to see the content of the encrypted messages.

Of course, when using encryption in RCS messages, both parties to the conversation must use an application that is compatible with this encryption, as well as a good data connection.

Google is currently testing the feature on a private basis among its employees, before making it available for testing by the public. And if you officially add it to the result as a sure feature, it would be a stronger push towards the adoption of RCS by users interested in privacy.

Just as a reminder, RCS messages are short messages that can be sent and received without the need for the Internet, but via the telephone line, but they are not limited to text only, but include almost everything including multimedia, files, maps, your geographical location, and others.



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