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Thursday November 26, 2020

Google innovates a faster way to update emoji on Android

Google innovates a faster way to update emoji on Android

Lots of people use it Emoji Or emojis to express a variety of emotions as it allows them to do so in less time and with fewer keystrokes.

Usually support for new emoji on Android and Apple devices comes with system updates such as Android 11 and iOS 14.2, now, a new report confirms that Google may be looking to separate this dependence on Android system updates.

For an amateur Technical detailsGoogle has made several commitments to the AOSP Gerrit project to achieve this. Currently, all fonts and emojis are stored in a read-only system partition, so updating them requires either rooting your phone and tweaking the system files yourself or waiting for the system update.

Google innovates a faster way to update emoji on Android

The new commitments on Gerrit indicate that Google will allow “system_server” to have read and write access to the “system_server” process to the system directory, which basically means that the company will be able to roll out support for the new emojis faster than before.

Finally, it is important to note that these obligations have not yet been merged, so there is no guarantee that this change will occur. However, if they were combined, we would likely see this change happen with Android 12 which is supposed to bring at least 217 new emoji with Emoji 13.1 in 2021.

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