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Sunday April 5, 2020

Google highlights search results from government websites around Corona and Covid-19

The Google search engine is the most important destination for people to search for news and announcements about the Corona virus, and now Google will make search results from official government sources clearly prominent compared to the rest of the sites and other results.

If you were looking for Corona news in your country, the website of the Ministry of Health or government hospitals and other official bodies will show its results in a detailed and prominent way, giving you what you need most often without the need to visit it and even enter it.

Google will display a small summary that can be expanded to view more details directly from the search results page.

This feature is still under development and Google will gradually expand it to include other non-health-related government websites.

This feature is an extension of what was previously announced in cooperation with the World Health Organization, where it provided a research center that collects information from several official sources and displays it in an easy way, especially prevention advice and dealing in cases of travel and pregnant women.

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