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Monday September 28, 2020

Google has leaked the Pixel 5 phone price – you can get a leading pixel at an average phone price!

Google is preparing now, as we all know, to reveal its expected phone, Google Pixel 5, and in the recent period rumors and information have proliferated about the phone, until Google today leaked the price of the Pixel 5 phone clearly, and of course we expect that this leak is intended as it prepares users for the phone the new! But anyway, let’s take a look!

Google leaks the price of the Pixel 5 phone … Adequate pricing

The device is expected to be revealed along with a number of new products on September 30th, and what happened is that the Google Pixel team in Japan has revealed – whether intentionally or not – the official pricing of the phone, and if you do not know Japan is one. One of the most important markets for Pixel phones in general..Do not ask me why, no one knows.

The incident occurred through the official Japanese Google account on Twitter, but the mandated tweet has now been deleted, unfortunately, but what raises the possibility that the tweet was by mistake is that it leads to the official product page link, which has not been uploaded to the Internet yet! It is reported that the first to notice the tweet is 9to5Google Known.

Google has leaked the Pixel 5 phone price - you can get a leading pixel at an average phone price!

You can also notice from the tweet above, as the phone will come with the fifth generation networks along with the fact that this pricing is the pricing directed at the highest version, if the copies varied from the ground up! What we also notice is that the phone will be available for pre-booking on the same day it was launched! But it will start shipping and selling on October 15th.

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The price of the phone is .8 74,800, which is equivalent $ 710 USDWhile the availability of the phone in the United States itself may be at a lower price than this, as for our Arab world, the one you call has no life.

The phone, as we know, comes with a Snapdragon 765G processor above the average, a dual-back and one front camera, an updated design, an OLED screen, 8/128 GB of internal memory and it will lack the radar technology of the previous generation.

Let’s analyze it: Why do Pixel phones fail? And why did Google abandon the most important employees of the Pixel department?

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